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How to Perfectly Pair Olives 

Food pairing can become complicated, especially if you have never paid it much thought before. However, with these simple tips, you will know exactly how to pair different types of olives with complementary ingredients. 

Many supermarkets display a large range of olive types nowadays, and it can be hard to know what to pair with each different type of olive. Whether they are black olives, green olives, or stuffed olives, there is a perfect pairing for them. 

This article will give you some more information about each different type of olives and what foods taste great paired with them. Olives are the perfect addition to any dinner party or celebratory feast, so keep reading to find out more about them. 


Olives are typically reminiscent of Greek olive groves, however nowadays, every supermarket stocks an impressive range of different varieties. In the past olives were reserved for typically Mediterranean style dishes, but they are now served as part of a huge range of different meals. 

Each variety of olive will possess a subtle variant in flavor and the best way to learn more about each type is to try it yourself. Visit a local market or supermarket and buy a selection of different olives and decide which is your favorite varieties. 

Olives are extremely versatile and can be used to complement a huge variety of different dishes and can even be used to garnish some beverages. Some olives have a sweet taste, while others have a sour or salty taste. It is important to try a range of different types in order to identify your favorite. 

Olives can be added to Greek salads alongside feta cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, and dressing; they can be made into a tapenade to be spread on fresh bread; they can be used to infuse a tomato-based sauce; or added to garnish a martini. 

The taste and look of olives vary depending on the region that they were grown in due to climatic factors, harvest methods and curing. Olives are often also marinated, seasoned, and stuffed, further adding to varieties in texture and flavor. 


One of the benefits of olives is their versatility and range of depth in flavor, making them the perfect addition to a variety of dishes. 

Castelvetrano Green Olives

Castelvetrano olives are green and native to Sicily, Italy. They are buttery and soft in texture and have a mild flavor. They are often prepared pitted and stuffed with chili or garlic. They are the perfect companion to cheese and white wine. 

Cerignola Green Olives

Cerignola olives are green olives that come from Puglia in Italy. They are crisp in flavor and buttery in texture. Their larger size means that they are the perfect stuffed olives and they pair well with garlic, cheeses, and anchovies. 

Tsakistes Green Olives

These green olives are a larger and firmer variety that has a cracked flesh. They are perfect as part of a herb marinade and pair well with cheese, onion, or beans. 

Kalamata Purple Olives

Kalamatas are dark purple almond-shaped olives with shiny skin. They are often preserved in red wine or olive oil and pair perfectly with bread or tomato sauce. 

To sum up

Olives are the perfect addition to a large variety of dishes due to their versatile flavor and the large range of different varieties available. Visit your local market and try and range of different varieties to decide your favorite and pair them with the suggestions above.