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Selling your home is often a tricky proposition. You’ve likely thought of all sorts of ways to increase the value of your home, from installing a swimming pool to renovating the bathrooms. These types of massive projects are certainly worthwhile, but sometimes it’s the little things that finally get buyers interested in your home. Curb appeal, or the attractiveness of your home when seen from the road, has a massive effect on potential buyers. First impressions are crucial in real estate, and lots of folks will decide whether or not they like a home before they’ve even gotten out of their cars. That’s why you should do everything you can to improve your home’s appearance before putting the property on the market. Here are five foolproof tricks for boosting your home’s curb appeal.

Improve Your Front Lawn

For generations, Americans have associated a crisp, green lawn with domestic tranquility. Even if you’ve never quite understood why a bit of grass is such a big deal, you have to conform with this cultural norm when it’s time to sell your home. If your lawn is already healthy, then all you’ve got to do is keep it neat and trim. If you’ve got dirt patches or splotches of dead grass, then you’re in for a more serious project. Plant seed as soon as possible, then keep the space watered until the grass has taken hold.

Plant Some Flowers And Shrubs

People are attracted to pretty colors and the presence of plants. That’s why just a few flowers and shrubs can reinvigorate your front garden and seriously increase your curb appeal. You don’t have to toil away in the garden for hours on end to get the desired effect. A few good looking plants around the front doorway should be enough to do the trick. Just be sure to water the garden regularly, since having dead or dying plants is even worse than having no plants at all.

Paint Your Front Door And Mailbox

A house looks a lot better when the front door seems to pop out at the viewer. A faded front door might look fine to you, but if you give it a quick painting, you’ll quickly realize that it needed a remake. Always choose a color that matches the house’s exterior, and don’t forget to paint the trim as well. If your mailbox is still functional, you should give it a quick paint job as well to cover up the rust. If it’s dented or doesn’t close properly, then you’re better off replacing it altogether.

Power Wash Your Driveway, Siding, And Walkway

Since outdoor spaces get dirty little by little, you might not even notice the layer of dirt and grime on the exterior of your home. Prospective buyers might not notice either, but they will sense that your home is missing that shine that other houses have. If you power wash every visible surface in front of the house, you’ll be amazed by the extent of the transformation. You and anyone touring the house will be immediately dazzled by the house’s new glow.

Install Outdoor Lights

While most potential buyers will visit during the day, you might be surprised by the occasional nighttime visit. Just in case this happens, you should make sure that your outdoor area is properly illuminated. Consider adding solar panel lights along your driveway and walkway, and always make sure there’s a light switched on by your front door. Nothing will spook buyers like a dark, scary exterior.