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While cigarettes are the Bud Light of the smoking world, meant for an everyday consumption that can do a serious number on your health, cigars are the champagne. Smoking cigars throughout the day is expensive, unhealthy, and a wee bit strange, but enjoying a delicious stogie on a special occasion is a truly marvelous experience.

There are all sorts of events that could call for smoking cigars. In general, however, the best occasions are those that are celebratory and social in nature. Something about cigar smoke makes a triumph even sweeter, while cigars are always best enjoyed with company. Here are five occasions where a celebratory cigar is in order.

College Graduation

Graduating from university is no easy feat. It involves years of studying, often while working on the side to pay the bills. When you finally have that diploma in your hand, you can look forward to a bright future. Knowing that all your hard work has paid off is bound to put you in a celebratory mood, and a delicious cigar will taste better than ever. At a graduation party after the ceremony, get all your friends together for a communal smoke. You can spend a pleasant hour with cigars in your hands as you reminisce about your student days and look forward to the exciting times ahead.


A marriage is another big life event that deserves a hearty congratulations. After many turbulent years of singlehood, you’ve finally settled down to build a future with the love of your life. While the married couple should certainly focus on each other, there’s nothing wrong with sneaking off to enjoy a cigar with friends. Amid the slapping of backs and the cracking of many jokes, friends can smoke the cigars that herald a new life for the married couple.

Birth Of A Child

There’s perhaps nothing in life so worthy of celebration as the birth of a new child. Little babies, with their smiling eyes and grasping fingers, are true representations of the miracle of life. As you behold such a remarkable spectacle and reflect on your status as a parent, you won’t help feeling a sense of triumph. You can give this voice to this feeling by stepping out of the hospital to smoke a victory cigar with friends. While giving attention to the new baby and its mother should be your top priority, there’s nothing wrong with taking a moment to revel in your personal satisfaction.

Job Promotion

In most fields, building a successful career is a long, arduous task. Every advancement comes after months and years of steadfast commitment and grueling labor. While a promotion itself happens on a single day, it represents all the hard work you’ve done in the past. That’s what makes the moment so worthy of a celebration. You might not have the time or opportunity to plan a massive party, but a small gathering of friends is still in order. A promotion calls for premium cigars, such as Davidoff or Montecristo cigars. With your feet up and a cigar in your hands, you’ll be able to congratulate yourself for furthering your career.

Retirement Party

The average life is defined by routine, and only the occasional moment marks a significant change. Retirement is definitely one of those significant moments. After decades of service to the world at large, you’ve finally earned the right to sit back and enjoy your final years. A bit of celebration is definitely in order at such an important time. You should take a moment to smoke a cigar with friends, looking back on all you’ve accomplished and looking forward to your well-earned years of rest.

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