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The last decades have been characterized by ceaseless globalization. Every year it seems that the world becomes a little bit smaller. Populations are moving from one country to another. Communications technology is putting us into contact with each other like never before. Multinational corporations are operating across borders, connecting distant populations and playing an ever greater role in our lives. All this globalization means that people who speak different languages need to communicate more than ever before. This phenomenon creates a demand for interpreters, talented bilingual communicators who can help people talk across linguistic barriers. If you’re bilingual or considering becoming so, then a career as an interpreter might be perfect for you. 

Plenty Of Job Opportunities

Globalization is not a trend that will be reversed any time soon. The bonds that bring us together aren’t going away. In fact, they’re tightening. Even the most insular of countries are forced to participate in global affairs, and even domestic businesses must think internationally to obtain the parts, supplies, and workers they need. Some world leaders might have adopted an isolationist tone, but that has done little to affect globalization. In such an interconnected world, people are going to need more interpreters than ever before. From presidents at international summits to small-time retailers looking abroad for parts, there will be plenty of people seeking your services if you become a professional, certified interpreter.

Lots Of Travelling

If you consider yourself a true citizen of the world (as many bilingual people do), then you probably enjoy international travel. While not all interpreting jobs are glamorous, choosing this career does increase your odds of being sent abroad for work. The trips will be more about working than seeing the sights and enjoying the local culture, but you’ll get to enjoy certain aspects of the experience all the same.

Be A Part Of Interesting Events

While some conversations will be far too long and somewhat drab, you’ll also have the chance to interpret for interesting people engaged in fascinating activities. When you’re an interpreter, you’ll become an intimate part of other people’s conversations. This gives you a front row seat to all sorts of intriguing discussions and negotiations. Of course, you’ll be professionally obligated not to gossip about what you’ve seen and heard. That being said, you’ll learn a lot about how humans talk and what makes the world go round.

Wide Variety of Work Available

When you’re a professional interpreter, there’s no telling what type of working environment you could find yourself in. From hospitals to private companies, government agencies to private labs, any place that involves cross-lingual communication could hire you as an interpreter. This means your career could take you into all sorts of interesting places, leaving you with plenty to tell your grandkids after you’ve retired.

Work Closely With Other People

When you’re an interpreter, you’re constantly working in close contact with others. Your daily life revolves around getting people to understand each other. This can be enormously gratifying if you’re a social and communicative person by nature. While translators (perhaps the closest professional cousins to interpreters) work alone with their dictionaries and their documents, you’ll be right on the front lines of human interaction. Needless to say, an interpreter will seldom feel lonely.

If you’re bilingual and adventurous by nature, working as a professional interpreter could be perfect for you. These are just five of the many reasons to pursue this career.