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Pre-employment screening is an important step in the hiring process and can significantly impact your business success. You should conduct a background screening on prospective candidates to ensure you find the right employees for your company. This will protect your enterprise from many potential risks, which may cost you money in the future. Below are the essential reasons why you need to consider background checks.


Saves Time and Money


Checking an applicant’s resume can help you learn a lot of essential details about them. Some prospective employees have drug issues that are hard to detect unless you run a background screening. Outstanding academic results should not be the only reason to consider a candidate as an ideal solution for your company. Failure to conduct background checks may lead to time and money wastage, especially when you realize you hired the wrong candidate. Ensure you screen all your potential employees to confirm their suitability to work in your company.


Improves Safety at Workplace


There is a possibility that your advert will attract applicants of varied behaviors. You do not want to make decisions that will endanger your business and employees by unintentional hiring criminals, drug abusers, or sex offenders. Pre-employment screening of potential candidates can be a great way to enhance safety and security at work. As an employer, protecting your employees and ensuring they work in a safe environment is your obligation.


Eliminate violence in the workplace by screening all prospective employees. Specific positions call for employers to observe certain practices to help you identify the right candidates to handle the duties. With better knowledge of potential candidates, you can make sound employing decisions that will guarantee your workers’ safety and security.


Ensures You Hire Quality Workers


During an application for a new job, an applicant reveals a lot of information about them on the job request and resume. Moreover, more details can be obtained during the initial interview. A pre-employment screening will disclose essential information that can help you determine if an individual is a perfect candidate to hire.


Reduces Business Liabilities


Background checks reveal much about an individual’s history and life patterns. You do not want to make choices that would cost your company. For instance, individuals suffering from drug or alcohol addiction can be a liability to your company. If you hire such an individual as your company driver, they can easily cause an accident. Pre-employment screening can help you identify and weed out incompetent candidates to avoid preventable liabilities.


Helps Authenticate Resumes


Every company wishes to identify and hire candidates that are qualified for the job. Background screening can help in weeding out applicants whose skills do not match the specific job requirements. Cases of fake resumes increase every day, which increases the possibility of hiring unqualified candidates. You can avoid making this mistake by performing a background check. It will help you establish the validity of an applicant’s resume. Pre-employment screening can help small businesses detect these discrepancies and ensure only ideal candidates get the job.


Employers or business owners have the right to conduct a background screening on potential candidates. The report from these screenings can significantly contribute to making the right hiring decision. Take time to gather all relevant details about a prospective employee. This can save you a lot of stress and enhance the operations in your organization.

Do not limit your background checks to only specific aspects. Besides qualifications and experience, ensure you screen your prospective employees on the following;


  • Driving history
  • Residency
  • Criminal records
  • Credit scores
  • Work History
  • Military background


You must have written consent before conducting a background check on your potential candidate. This will protect you from legal lawsuits related to this exercise. Ensure you use appropriate tools meant for screening purposes to guarantee the reliability and accuracy of your findings. Moreover, develop a background check policy to ensure you do not get sued for intrusion and discrimination by prospective employees.

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