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If you get arrested and charged for driving under the influence, you should get an experienced DUI lawyer. Ultimately, this is a serious offense, and proper navigation will save you severe upcoming penalties. Identifying a perfect attorney can be challenging, but seeking answers to these queries during the initial discussions can help in finding the right professional.


What Is Your Expertise?


Proficient lawyers seek to enhance their knowledge by specializing in the specific law that they practice. Find out if your potential attorney has advanced their knowledge on DUI law besides what is taught in law school. Most lawyers handling DUI cases must be skilled in using breathalyzers. Is your lawyer certified in this area of expertise? This is vital, especially if a breathalyzer was given to determine the allegations against you. A trained attorney can tell if the test was administered correctly or not, which is vital for your case.


What Makes You the Right Attorney for My Case?


A lawyer with no experience in representing DUI clients may not be suitable to represent you in court. Find out the DUI cases an attorney has handled to check if they are fit to represent you in a trial. Here are probing questions you should ask to understand about the lawyer you are planning to hire:


  • Why are they the best choice or your case?
  • Are they fully prepared to take your case?
  • Have they specialized in DUI laws?
  • Do they understand your situation and the legal procedures involved?
  • Do they have experience in handling cases like yours?


What Is Your Communication Strategy?


Your attorney must update you on your case proceedings. But how often they communicate should be your concern. Remember, lawyers charge for their time, and contacting them more regularly will cost you. Ensure the modalities of communication are clear from the word go to avoid implications in the future.


How Will You Charge Me?


Knowing how your potential lawyer will charge you is crucial for your decision-making process. If they use hourly rate billing, find out what they exactly charge.


If an attorney has a flat fee for their services, seek to know what is covered in that price. There are cases where a lawyer might bill you for filed motions or calls to witnesses. Always ensure you have all the financial information to avoid last-minute surprises.


It is hard for a lawyer to predict the actual cost, but they can give a rough estimate. Many lawyers will agree to a particular payment plan where the client is unable to raise funds immediately. You must be aware that a prolonged trial translates to higher costs. Hiring experienced and competent DUI lawyers is the best decision you can ever make to increase the chances of winning your case.


What Do You Think about My DUI Case and What are the Possible Outcomes?


After lengthy deliberations, you can ask for the lawyer’s opinion about your case. They are more likely to give better projections after understanding the allegations against you. Give a comprehensive account of what transpired before you were arrested, and they will share with you a general view or opinion of what to expect. Try to be transparent and trustworthy during consultations with a potential attorney. Half-baked information can harm your case. Detailed facts about your driving under the influence case will broaden the lawyer’s understanding. This can help them prepare well for the trial. An attorney with a proper game plan stands a high chance of winning the case.


It is recommendable to hire a lawyer immediately if you are hit with driving under the influence charges. However, there are essential things you must know to ensure you make the right hiring decisions and be able to get the help needed for your case. When you get arrested and charged because of driving under the influence, you may get confused about the best lawyer to hire. Asking your potential DUI attorney the above questions will enlighten you and help pick the perfect lawyer for your case.