A seal is a device or equipment used for preventing leakages, preventing contamination between components and to hold pressure, for example, in mechanical systems. When you think of seals, it has to be of the best quality, and it should have no space for error. Types of materials used in the manufacturing of seals are fluorosilicone, industrial rubber, polytetrafluoroethylene and many others. Seal manufacturing uses materials that can withstand a harsh environment. Factors to consider while choosing the type of seal material are abrasion, corrosion and ability to curb high temperatures. However, the design, material to be used and their making, vary depending on their end-use.

There are many uses of seals, some of their industrial use are; piston seals, fastener seals, hydraulic seals, rotary shaft seals, wave gauge seals, pneumatic seals and many more.

The following are five things to know about seal manufacturing.

Ensure the seal manufacturing company is certified.

It is essential to know the type of seal is suitable for use. The best way to ensure whether a seal is ideal for use by the company should be ISO certified which is an International Standard for operating a business, the primary standards being ISO 9001 and 14001. ISO standard 14001 relates to operative management in an environmental system where a company can apply by adhering to specific processes. In contrast, ISO 9001 standards determine the direction regarding quality where a company can abide by following specific procedures. These standards will give you the confidence that products of that particular company are authentic and legitimate.

The next thing to consider besides ISO standards is to check if that particular company has a long experience with what they are manufacturing that is related to the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards.

Are the seal manufacturing companies customizing components?

You have to ensure that the seal manufacturing company can be able to meet your requirements as you require. This means that a seal company should be able to customize and supply products as per client’s design. Seal manufacturing engineers must collaborate to ensure clients’ needs have been met. It is crucial to identify seal suppliers early in the process of design to ensure adaptation to the actual design. Seal consideration is very critical, especially the ones to be used in extreme conditions like to prevent high-pressure leakages.

Is the manufacturing company invested in equipment?

The manufacturing industry has lately advanced in terms of technology and innovation. Robots, cobots, and AI perform most of the complex processes in the manufacturing company. The advancements of this technology have eliminated most of the human error by ensuring the production of high-quality products. Technology has also provided a fast and timely production of goods. Therefore, it is better to look for a seal manufacturing industry that has invested highly in technology to save time and ensure you get quality goods.

The Steps to be considered by a seal manufacturing company for quality testing.

In most cases, quality of performance is the key when it comes to choosing where your products should be manufactured. To be sure that you get seal manufacturing that meets quality production, it should have proper certification and good testing experience against quality standards.

The seal manufacturing supplier should be well established and using recent technology like vision systems, and coordinates measuring machines (CMMs). Precise equipment can help to measure the geometrical characteristics of components to a certain that the dimensions are meeting quality specifications. Seal suppliers should also be able to run a test that can validate and forecast ultimate functions like RPM cycle tests such as the ones used in the pump component.

Can the seal manufacturing company supply your type of seal?

All the above consideration will be of no use if a seal company cannot give whatever you want. It can be better if you look for a seal supplier who can provide you with whatever type of seal you want.