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Dry cleaning is a specialized cleaning technique that uses a liquid solvent to clean clothes instead of water and soap. It plays a great role in protecting the fabric from damage and saves you the cost of replacing your clothes. Before washing a garment, it is vital to check the care label sewn on the fabric as it contains useful cleaning instructions. These instructions determine whether the garment can be washed at home or whether it requires dry cleaning. It is worth noting that not all clothes have care labels; therefore, it is your responsibility to make an informed laundry decision.

Below is a guide on the times you need to have an item dry cleaned.

When handling delicate fabrics

A delicate fabric is anything that may fall apart when put in a washing machine. A little spin or handwashing with soap and water alters the structure of delicate fabrics by causing the fibers to stretch and lose their original shape. Besides, washing delicate fabrics can make them lose their actual color; therefore, it is best to have delicate fabrics cleaned by a professional. Delicate fabrics include velvet, silk, cashmere, leather, silk, and acrylic. 

When cleaning formal wear

Different types of formal wear hold a special place in everyone’s closet. They are items we wish to keep for years to come. Special attire like a tuxedo, ball gown, bridal wear, and cocktail dress, among other formal wear clothing, require special attention. They should be dry cleaned as soon as they are worn, even when they are free of stains.

Washing your formal wear is not something you want to undertake at home. It is not only cumbersome to wash, but also you risk ruining your special garment. It is important to know that this could permanently damage your garment because many laundry mishaps are irreversible. Dry cleaning is the safest option you have, which gives some assurance of your garment’s extended lifespan.

When removing tough stains

Clothes are bound to be stained when going about your daily activities. Staining your attire does not mean you have to throw out your clothes. Taking your stained garment to a professional dry cleaner is the best option you have to remove the stain. Stains should be removed as soon as possible because leaving a stain to sit on your garment may cause permanent damage to the fabric. It is worth noting that you should not use stain removers on dry clean only items because they make the stains tougher to remove. Some of the stains that require dry cleaning include sweat, tannin stain (tea, coffee and vegetables), earth-based stains, oil and grease stain.

When cleaning heavy clothing

Large bulky clothing such as bedding and blankets are cumbersome to wash at home. Dry cleaning is the most effective way to clean them. It is thorough in removing dirt and stains, which may not be attained when using a washing machine. In a washing machine, bulky items undergo a lot of folding and twisting and thus, not every area may be cleaned. Frequent machine washing may harm the color and fabric of your blankets. Besides, bulky items can damage your washing machine. Besides, dry cleaning is only done once in a while, and it does not shrink your beddings and blankets.

When cleaning pleated clothing
Attires that have very intricate pleats or folds require special attention. Pleats are not permanently stitched on garments. Many manufacturers create pleats by using a heat source, and thus washing pleated items at home may ruin the pleats and cannot be replicated to their original form.

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