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Designing a company’s office space is always a process that requires a bit of thought. You don’t want to simply throw furniture together any which way. By adopting a cogent strategy and reflecting on the best layout, you can design an office that maximizes collaboration and efficiency for your employees. Now, in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic, office design becomes even more crucial. You need to devise a layout that keeps your employees safe, without sacrificing the ability to cooperate and work together efficiently. Here’s how you can make this happen.

Make A Simple Map Of Your Office

In order to make the best possible use of your office space, you’ll need a general understanding of what the office looks like. A quickly sketched map can serve as a wonderful organizing tool, giving you the chance to really visualize the space that you have to work with. Once you’ve got your map, you can play around with potential layouts to see which would maximize efficiency while maintaining social distancing for your employees.

Make Use Of Your Entire Space

When social distancing is a major concern, you need to take advantage of every nook and cranny of your office space. Look around for empty areas that could be repurposed as a working space. Considering removing plants, bookcases, and other pieces of non-essential furniture to make room for desks and chairs. For social distancing to be effective, you need to give each employee at least six feet of space to work in. It can be tempting to squeeze more desks into a smaller space, but you owe it to your workers to keep them and their families safe. If you can’t fit your entire staff into the office space, you can stagger work schedules so that everyone has a chance to come in at some point during the week. Remember that working from home will be a good idea as long as the pandemic persists.

Use Transparent Shields To Separate Workers

Physical barriers are useful for preventing the passage of potentially infected droplets. While opaque materials like paper or plastic can work, you’re much better off using something transparent. When workers can see each other, it’ll be easier for them to communicate via signals or waves. They’ll also feel happier and less isolated if they’re able to see their colleagues just a few feet away.

Invest In Office Furniture That Allows For Flexibility

These are challenging times, and every month seems to bring another surprise and a new set of guidelines. You never know when you’ll have to rearrange the office to account for some new set of circumstances. Now is a good time to invest in lightweight, movable office furniture that gives you more flexibility. This will prove useful even after the pandemic, since it will allow you to regroup your employees around new projects and initiatives.

Create One-Way Walkways To Avoid Crowds

Identify high-traffic portions of your offices, and then look for creative ways to keep people apart. One common method is to designate hallways, corridors, or walkways as “one-way streets.” Create a system by which people flow through the office in a uniform fashion, and put up signs encouraging your employees to comply. Walking an extra twenty feet to get to the bathroom will feel silly at first, but everyone will get used to it eventually.

The current pandemic is forcing office managers to get creative. By following the tips mentioned above, you can design an office that keeps your employees safe until the end of the covid-19 pandemic.