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A clean working environment positively influences productivity and is critical in attracting customers. That’s why it is crucial to choose the right janitorial service provider, diligently. The right provider has a license and insurance cover and offers excellent services at reasonable rates.

The following are five tips for finding the right janitorial service.

Carry Out Some Research

Researching is the best way to kick start your search for a cleaning service. When researching, do not rely entirely on yellow pages. It can be costly and the companies listed may not necessarily offer quality services. Consider going out of your way to research more in-depth.

Researching includes going through contractor websites, reading customer reviews, and asking for recommendations.

Customer reviews provide an unbiased view of the janitorial service providers. The assessment will help you gauge the effectiveness and quality of services you should expect. For better judgment, go through reviews from multiple clients.

You can also ask friends and business counterparts for recommendations. They will be sure to give recommendations based on experience.

Ease of communication

The first indicator of the right service provider is their ease of communication. Do they listen? Do they understand your needs? There must be no barriers to communication, so both of you can easily reach an agreement.

Ensure they are insured and licensed

A qualified cleaner must have a license that indicates the legal compliance of their operations. If you are looking through websites, pay attention to the licensing information listed on their site. Independent janitors typically have license information on their business cards.

License possession also proves that the contractor’s services abide by the standard health and safety regulations. Safety compliance ensures the safety of the cleaners, your employees, and anybody who enters your premises. Similarly, ensure the service providers you intend to hire are covered by insurance. In their field of work, accidents include falling, and the impact can be costly.

If the janitors don’t have an insurance cover, you may be liable for any risks suffered. To be sure, ask for documentary proof. Be keen on liability and employee compensation protection.

Budget and pricing

As a prudent business owner, you want to get value for your money. Before finding a cleaning company, make a budget in regards to the services you need. Excellent services undoubtedly come at considerable fees. If they quote a relatively low price, they are likely out for a quick fix with no long term intentions.

Janitorial services are labor-intensive, so you should expect a relatively good quote. Never hire a company without an explicit agreement on the cost of labor. Reasonable cleaning service rates will factor in the following elements:

Your budget

Your needs and expectations determine how much you pay. Be clear to avoid extra charges.


Facility types include industrial, hospitality, healthcare, education, retail, and mixed-use. Your organization’s category will determine the service prices and the cleaning equipment.

Service frequency

Your choice cleaning company will quote their prices depending on how frequently you will need their services. Is it weekly or monthly?

Are the services flexible enough for customization?

Every organization is structured differently hence varying cleaning needs. The janitorial service provider should be capable of personalizing their services depending on the size, facilities, and the number of employees in your company. For example, they should be able to work within your requested time, even if their regular schedule varies from your arrangement.

A reliable cleaner will effectively deliver within your schedule. Similarly, you will list the specifications of how often, when, and what the cleaning service process should include. You should be able to pay for what you need as opposed to a collective cleaning service.


Finding a qualified janitorial service provider can be a stressful process. However, researching and budgeting help limit your search considerably. Qualities like proper communication, flexibility, and reasonable prices for quality services also help find the right janitorial service.

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