A 50th birthday is a big one, after all it’s halfway to 100. If someone special in your life is close to celebrating their 50th, then I’m sure you’re going to want to do something really memorable to celebrate. If you’re stuck on ideas, here are some fantastic 50th birthday ideas for that someone special in your life:

1. A Surprise Party
Have they ever had a surprise party before? This will only work well if they’re not planning to throw their own party, so be sure to check in with them. If they’re thinking about something lowkey like a dinner, you can then begin planning a surprise party. You can design some beautiful 50th birthday invitations for her to keep as a memento of her surprise party. Of course you’ll want to deliver the invites to the actual guests so they know when the party is. Creating custom birthday invitations is a great way to make it very clear to them on the invites that it is a surprise. Be sure to invite their favorite people and have their favorite food and drinks to ensure it’s a very special party!

2. Some Jewelry or a Timepiece
Because it’s such a milestone birthday, if you’re choosing a gift you should give something that’s really going to last. I always suggest a piece of jewelry or a timepiece for the big birthdays and this one is no exception. Look at the jewelry they already have and love, and try to find something similar. If you’re hunting for the perfect timepiece, it can be a little more challenging and I would suggest including an exchange card so if you don’t quite get it right, they can change it for something they will love.

3. Consider an Experience
I find experiences are also extremely memorable gifts. If they’ve been talking about how they’ve always wanted to do this one thing – whether it’s skydiving, bungy jumping or even skiing – then getting them a voucher to do this experience is a lovely gift. Often experiences can be quite pricey, so if they’re out of your budget why not have other friends or family members chip in with you? Memories last forever, so I find this is a really great gift idea for such a special birthday.

4. A Surprise Trip
I love going away and any excuse for a trip away is a good one for me. Why not plan a fun weekend escape? You can find somewhere with a pool or near the ocean for a special experience. I find that it’s best to let your guest know that you’re going away, but to not tell them anything about where you’re going except the temperature so they can pack appropriately. The anticipation of where you’re going is really half the fun!

A 50th birthday is such a special event and with these birthday ideas I’m sure you’ll be able to craft the perfect birthday experience for that special someone in your life.

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