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Kitchens are the most expensive rooms to renovate in a home, but also offer the best ROI. Expect more interest and added value in the home should you decide to sell the property in the future. There’s no reason to wait until you decide to sell the home to renovate, however. In fact, there are endless renovation ideas that spruce up any outdated, worn out, or disliked kitchen. The six renovation ideas on the following list provide homeowners with the new kitchen they want without the remodeling headaches they’d rather avoid.


Cabinets are an essential part of the kitchen. They provide space to store the kitchen essentials, so the room isn’t cultured and in disarray. With a range of cabinet styles and designs, every homeowner has a myriad choice to pick from. Custom cabinets offer homeowners the chance to design their own cabinets, creating a unique look in the kitchen. Replacing the cabinets is a major expense. Consider refacing cabinets if the cost is a concern. Refacing offers like-new cabinets without tearing out the current unit, and at a fraction of the costs of replacement.

Kitchen Sink

Install a new ADA-compliant kitchen sink for wheelchair-disabled members of the family. A new sink ensures the kitchen is clean and sanitary at all times. Sinks provide a space for hand-washing as well. Sinks are 34″ tall or lower and adhere to the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) regulations for depth and clearance. Wheelchair-accessible sinks are available in assorted styles and price ranges. An ADA-complaint sink improves safety and accessibility without modifying the style of the room.

Wall Painting

Refresh your space and create a lighter, brighter kitchen with a fresh coat of paint on the walls. Whether you pick a brighter white or choose a cheery kitchen-appropriate color, painting the walls adds coziness and comfort for every member of the family. Painting hides imperfections and creates a safer, more aesthetically appealing kitchen. Besides creating a more personalized space, painting your walls also protects them against moisture for long-lasting enjoyment. Wall painting is a project that homeowners can tackle themselves or hire professionals. Professionals offer more pleasing results, but a DIY project can have great results at a fraction of the costs if saving money is important to your family.


Good lighting is important in a kitchen. The right lighting sets the mood and when it feels right in the kitchen, those homecooked meals somehow taste a little better. Aside from setting the mood, a well-lit room maximizes visibility in work areas, saves energy, and adds aesthetics to the room. Today’s improved lighting options include pendant lighting, LED lighting, white bulbs, and many others. Sort through the lighting options where you’ll find great picks for every budget and design preference.


The kitchen is one of the messiest rooms in the house. We need products that protect the kitchen from all of this mess. Backsplash protects walls from grease splashes and other damages while giving the kitchen a refreshing, appealing focal point. It is one of the essentials for a kitchen. Backsplash is sold in a variety of materials, each offering their own advantages and disadvantages, but all beneficial to a kitchen area. Additionally, backsplash comes in assorted styles and designs that flatter any kitchen.


New countertops transform a kitchen from a boring space to something extraordinary. Installation is fairly simple and takes a matter of hours, not weeks. Quartz, laminate, and natural stone countertop options are among the many enticing materials that perk up a kitchen. Each mcountertop material adds immaculate beauty to the kitchen. Replace the kitchen countertops if they’re damaged or if you simply hate the current style and prefer something new. It’s an inexpensive project with great benefits.

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