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While many of us have at least one desktop computer or laptop in their homes, the days are soon coming where their need for doing most operations on them will be obsolete. This is primarily due to the introduction of cloud computing.

The term “cloud computing” refers to the usage of the internet to provide services for storage, email, video hosting, and more, instead of using software programs residing on your computer. Two well-known services that are examples of cloud computing are DropBox and Google Drive, both of which are storage services that act as a hard drive with unlimited accessibility.

With each passing day, more commonly used software programs, like Microsoft Office, are now moving to the cloud.

Cloud Computing is Efficient and Can Save You Money

Software developers and app developers can release a new product easily over the cloud. There is no need to spend money on packaging or shipping to get the product to market. In turn, customers pay less for the product, and some of these cost hundreds of dollars. An easy way to envision this is how Amazon’s digital eBooks cost less than their physical counterparts because they cost less to produce and store.

Instead of buying a physical product or a downloadable product, customers can pay a smaller fee to access the cloud server and perform their tasks from the cloud. This saves them storage on their computers for other needs.

The Cloud Can Be Accessed from Anywhere

Whether you use a desktop, a laptop, or a mobile device, the cloud can be used anywhere. No need to start over from scratch, as you would need to do if you had one task on your computer but not on the laptop. Because the cloud only requires your login information, you can begin where you left off on any task you need to complete.

Cloud Computing is Scalable

If you need more power, storage, or resources to complete your tasks, it can be accomplished easily on the cloud. If you needed that at home, you would need to purchase additional hard drives, memory upgrades, and maybe even a new system. With cloud computing, you would only need to pay for more access to these resources, and the fees are much cheaper than going out and purchasing these upgrades yourself.

The Cloud Operates Much Faster Than Conventional Computers

If you have owned several desktops or laptops, then you know that over time, systems get gradually slower, and performance declines. This does not happen with cloud computing. Cloud servers are massive, powerful servers with plenty of resources that will help you accomplish tasks much faster.

The Cloud is Incredibly Secure

While your physical systems can be hacked if someone has your personal information, the cloud is much more secure. There are many levels of security that can be used to secure access to your portion of the cloud using in-house(2FA) or third-party apps(Google Authenticator).

The server is also highly encrypted, so data on the cloud cannot be easily stolen if accessed. The many levels of security plus the top-notch encryption add to the numerous benefits of cloud computing.

Software Updates are Virtually Immediate on the Cloud

On physical machines, operating systems and programs/apps need to be updated to their latest versions at times. Most of the time, these updates and upgrades happen automatically.

Other times, they may get skipped or need to be done manually. Either way, many updates require you to leave the computer alone until the updates are finished, then you must reboot the system.

This can cost a lot of time and keep your production down. On the cloud, the servers are constantly updating, and they only take minutes to complete.

Get Started on the Cloud Today!

Now that you are familiar with these advantages, it is time to do some research into implementing them in your life. Just take a survey of what services you use most on your computer, and see if there are cloud options. In the long run, you will save more time, storage, and money with everything you need to do.

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