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Deciding where to live is one of the most important of all life choices. For those who are looking for a place to settle down, Canada should be at the top of any list. The world’s second largest country by area, Canada has fabulous cuisine, a mild climate, an expanding economy and plenty of room to find the ideal place to live. Here are a few reasons to consider moving to Canada.

Great Food

Canada is home to many people of varied backgrounds. One of the most delightful things about living here is the chance to explore many types of cuisines. Big cities offer world class dining opportunities. Even small towns are home to people who look to their ethnic heritage for inspiration. They make full use of the nation’s fresh and abundant produce. People who move to Canada can sample everything from maple syrup to some of the world’s best Chinese food and four star restaurants.

Low Crime Rate

Another reason so many people love living here is that it is very safe. Canadians are some of the world’s most peaceful people. Crime rates are low. This means that even big cities like Toronto and Montreal have comparatively low crime rates. Gun violence is rare as are other types of criminal activities. That means residents can walk the streets all year long without fear.

Pleasing Climate

Canada is one of the most northerly of all countries. The community reaches from the Arctic circle at one end to cities like Vancouver that dip into milder latitudes. For those who want to avoid the heat, Canada makes a very good option. During the winter, many places have lots of cool air. Even in the summer months, many parts of Canada are fairly mild with low humidity and temperatures that rarely climb past 80. Shade is easy to find with many areas that offer lots of natural forest cover. Getting away from the heat is also easy. The country is dotted with clean lakes offering a refreshing break in August.

Room to Spread Out

As the world’s second largest country by area, Canada sprawls across North America. Outdoor lovers can choose to explore one of the community’s many world class national parks. Most of the population is concentrated within a hundred miles of the American border. That makes it easy for residents to find a place to live near large cities and yet have access to wilderness at the same time. People have a choice of communities along both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. The interior is also a popular choice. Smaller cities like Winnipeg are ideal for those who like city and country life.

Thriving Economy

The country is not only a powerhouse when it comes to world class cities and open space. It’s also a diverse community and a player on the global economic scene. Canadians come from all over the world and it shows. They bring their talent and education with them. Entrepreneurs will find an appreciative economic climate happy to welcome them and offer them a well educated workforce. Fields like technology are expanding at a fast pace, allowing people to find easy jobs. Other fields such as international commerce, energy extraction and the arts also offer many employment opportunities. Unemployment is low and likely to remain so in the near future.

Universal Health Care

Access to health care is one of the foundations of a happy life. Canada offers people access to some of the best health care they’ll find anywhere. It’s inexpensive and well managed. Canadians don’t have to worry about rising health care bills or issues getting help with medical conditions. The country is dedicated to ensuring that all residents have the care they need to prevent medical problems and treat them when they arise. That kind of peace of mind means Canadians are free to enjoy the many pleasures of living here.