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It is a reality of life that we share our world with a variety of creepy crawly creatures. Usually we can all live in harmony, but when these creatures make their way into our living spaces, they can become a serious problem. A pest infestation can range from annoying to dangerous. Many common pests carry harmful diseases that can spread around your home. Eliminating pest infestations early is essential to preventing property damage or harm to your health. Knowing what to look for can help you make an early diagnosis of a pest problem.




One of the first signs of a pest problem that people generally notice are droppings around the home. Pest droppings can look like black dirt, coffee grounds or large pieces of black rice depending on what type of pest left the mess. Droppings will often be found in out of the way areas where pests tend to hide. Inside cabinets, around baseboards, in closets, in drawers and around water sources are common places to first notice droppings.


Unexplained Holes


Out in nature the insects and rodents we call pests are necessary because they break down organic matter, leaving a cleaner planet. Unfortunately, once they start breaking down things in our home they can cause a lot of expensive damage fairly quickly. Finding random holes in different areas of your home is a good sign that you have a pest infestation. Finding small holes in your favorite sweater or in that big bag of rice in the pantry is a sign you have unwanted moths. Holes in wood could mean you have termites or carpenter bees. If you see an unexpected hole, call a professional to diagnose the problem before too much damage is done.




Most unwanted creatures that make their way into your house lay eggs. Pests lay eggs when they have found an ideal spot to continue the lifecycle. Insects usually lay their eggs in out of the way places. If you find evidence of eggs on the undersides of your furniture, in cabinets or in drawers, you are well on your way to having a pest infestation.




When pests move into your home, they tend to build their own in dark, hard to reach spaces. If you stumble upon something that looks like a jumbled up mess of shredded paper, lawn clippings, wood or any other trash, you probably found the nest of an unwanted intruder. These nests generally belong to rodents and should be eliminated as quickly as possible to protect you and your family. Other types of pests build nests from formed dirt, mud or bore into the structure of your home to create places to live. Once a pest builds a nest, they are there to stay unless you take immediate steps to evict them from your home.


Strange Odors


Many pests can be detected by your nose before you see them in the flesh. Some pests, such as rodents, mark their territory with urine, which leaves a strong, unpleasant smell. Other pests betray their presence with a musty odor. Cockroaches and certain types of mites may have you concerned that you have a mold issue due to the dusty smell. Bed bugs often first become known to you when you smell an overly sweet odor around your bed or other furniture.


Bite Marks


Before you ever see your first sign of a pest in your home, you may notice random bite marks on baseboards or furniture. Rodents have teeth that grow their entire lives and must constantly chew to whittle them down. If you see signs of gnawing, that is an early indication of a rodent problem.


As soon as you see any of the above signs, it is best to call in professional exterminators immediately. They will be able to more accurately assess the problem, and know how to best go about treating your home.