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Rated the happiest city in America by National Geographic magazine, Boulder, Colorado has a relaxing vibe and a lifestyle all its own. Framed by the Flatirons, Boulder offers picturesque beauty packed into a small town with big city vibes and amenities. Known as one of the fittest cities in America, Boulder has a range of outdoor activities for residents, as well as annual events like marathons and hiking competitions. All of this comes at a cost. Boulder property is in high demand, despite the added cost. Look at a few tips that can help you score a great Boulder home as soon as possible.

Know Your Budget

Single-family homes average a median price tag of $800,706.  Review your budget. Ensure you can afford a Boulder lifestyle. Then, determine the costs you’re comfortable spending to buy your home, keeping median home prices in mind. Mortgage lenders are motivated to hand out the highest loan values possible to qualified buyers. This yields more profits for the business. Do not rely on mortgage lenders or pre-approvals to determine the amount you’re comfortable spending on a Boulder home.

Widen Your Search Area

Boulder County includes the Denver metropolitan area. Widen your home search area for a broader selection of more moderately priced single-family homes and apartments. In Boulder County, towns and cities like Lyons, Gold Hill, Hidden Lake, Bark Ranch, and Lafayette are great options. The cost of a home in nearby areas is significantly less than the cost of a home in Boulder County. Weld County, Broomfield County, and Larimer County are also nearby and offer small-town living at a modest price.

Look for Potential

The best way to score a fantastic deal on a Boulder home is to look for homes with potential. Fixer-uppers sell for a fraction of the cost of a ready-to-go home. Owners can DIY and pick up a few skills or find a contractor who can get the home up to par. Fixer-uppers don’t fly off the market as quickly or as costly as other homes, increasing the odds you’ll find the perfect home to call your own.

Make an Offer

Negotiating in a seller’s market is the worst way to go about buying a home in most situations. Ideally, you’ll accept their offer and close the deal quickly upon approval. But there are exceptions to this rule. Homes sell in 35 days, on average, in Boulder, but not every home moves off the market this quickly. Search the MLS for homes listed for longer than six weeks. Eager sellers are more willing to negotiate the price if the home hasn’t already been sold.

Research Neighborhoods

Each Boulder neighborhood has a unique character, charm, and a price tag. Discover more about each neighborhood. Purchase a home in a neighborhood reflecting your personality for a more comfortable life. Downtown is the heart and soul of Boulder, filled with distinctive architecture and historic homes. The Hill is a young, modern area across the street from the college. And, Twenty Ninth Street is the perfect place for amazing mountain views and luxury shopping.

Find an Amazing Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents know Boulder. They get to know your needs, combine it with their expertise, and take care of all aspects of buying a home. It’s what real estate agents enjoy doing. They’ll find homes that meet your criteria and budget, take care of paperwork, and more, all for a modest commission averaging less than 10% in most cases. Real estate agents simplify the homebuying process for most people searching for the perfect place to call home.