A Beginner’s Guide to Cannabis

A Beginner’s Guide to Cannabis

Cannabis has long been a major cultural force in the United States, but the recent legalization trend has only pushed it closer to the mainstream. Nowadays, more and more Americans consume marijuana the way we’ve always consumed alcohol: freely and out in the open. If you’re lacking in cannabis experience, you might be watching the world change around you and wondering what it’s all about. What are the effects of cannabis? What can it be used for? Are there different types? In what ways can it be consumed? In this definitive guide, we’ll lay out all the cannabis basics.

Reasons to Use Cannabis

People use cannabis for a variety or reasons, but usage is generally divided into two main categories: recreational and medicinal. Recreational use encompasses all cannabis consumption for enjoyment. Some people enjoy consuming cannabis with a group of friends, while others prefer to consume alone. From listening to music to taking a nature walk, there are a wide variety of activities that people pair with cannabis use. It all depends on individual preference.

Medicinal use describes all consumption meant to serve as treatment for a mental or physical condition. Cannabis has been known to help treat chronic pain, nausea, post traumatic stress disorder, and a number of other conditions.

Effects of Cannabis

The consumption of cannabis can have a number of effects on the mind and body. The effects depend on a number of factors, including the method of consumption, the strain of marijuana or the product used, and the particular reactions of the individual user. Common effects include giddiness, euphoria, lethargy, increased appetite, and introversion.

One way to limit unwanted effects of cannabis is by using CBD. Some studies suggest this cannabis extract brings many of the common health benefits without making a user “high.”

How to Use Cannabis

There are a number of different ways to use cannabis. The most common method has long been inhalation, or smoking. People can smoke marijuana in several different fashions. Using a small pipe is the simplest method, while rolling the cannabis into a marijuana cigarette (a “joint” in popular parlance) is another common method. Bongs and water pipes are expensive and often ungainly, but they make the smoking experience smoother.

Vaporization is another common method. There are a number of vaporizers on the market that turn the marijuana into an inhalable mist. You can also eat cannabis. Edibles are a common consumption method for people who don’t like the idea of smoking. The key with edible cannabis is to play it safe and start with a small dosage. Overdoing it can lead to an anxiety-ridden, highly unpleasant experience.

Different Strains

If you’ve ever been in a marijuana dispensary, then you’re likely aware that cannabis comes in a number of different strains. Most dispensaries are full of dozens of jars, each of which contains the buds from a particular strain of marijuana. Each strain has a unique set of qualities, allowing consumers to select the type that offers the experience they’re looking for.

Blue dream is a strain noted for its relaxing qualities. It’s not exactly a sedative, but it can settle you down and put your body into a relaxing state. Acapulco gold, meanwhile, is known as an energizer. It will bat away your fatigue and lift your mood. For a classic high that’s blissful and sleep-inducing, give purple kush a shot. For an appetite stimulator, look no farther than granddaddy purple.

Every year, it seems more US states are legalizing marijuana. Readily accessible and professionally-marketed cannabis is here to stay. Whether you’re interested in taking part in the current trend or not, it still pays to have a general idea about a product that’s becoming so ubiquitous in American culture. Now that you’ve ready our basic guide, you’ll be able to hold your own in any cannabis-themed conversation.

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