Attack On Titans Season 4: Release Date Announced, Plot, Cast And All The Latest Update

Attack On Titans Season 4: Release Date Announced, Plot, Cast And All The Latest Update

Would there be a life after the Attack On Titans Season 4?

The Attack Of Titans was hit the screens in 2013. It was accorded as one of the most-watched and acclaimed shows among the contemporary animation.

The show packed with loads of action, fight scenes, moments of grief was widely acknowledged by the fans across the globe.

The first season came in 2013 and the second season saw a long wait. But the show was renewed quickly for the third time. The show catered to a huge fan base since then. And, now it’s all up for airing the series for the fourth season.

Well! There are few questions regarding the renewal of the show for the fourth season. The fans are waiting patiently for some information regarding the next season.

Attack On Titans Season 4: Expected Date for Release

Attack On Titans Season 4 Release Date
Attack On Titans Season 4 Release Date

The wait for the fourth season is getting longer and fans are not in the mood to see any further delay.

The expected release date Attack On Titans season 4 is around November 2020. There is an additional piece of information that is derived from the third season regarding the split of the episodes.

In the third season, episodes were split into two halves and most probably that is going to happen in the fourth season too.

Although, the fams were encouraged to know that the show will be renewed for a fourth season. But they were equally disappointed when they got to know that the fourth season will be the last one. The show, had so far, created such an order that the fans were in no mood letting the show concluded.

The third season provided enough ground to expand it for the fifth season. But the Attack On Titans season 4 itself hit the 20 episodes split into 10-10 each.

Attack On Titans Season 4: The Possible Storyline

The forthcoming season is expected to charter the uncharted territories beyond walls in Mali. The Attack On Titans season 4 is also going to witness the freedom of Eldon’s who was held captive for over a century.

The fourth season is going to showcase the struggle between the Eldons and the Masters. It is expected to reveal the concealed facts of the world and the Titans.

Although the Attack On Titans is an adaptation of the manga. Now it has become a bone of contention to have coherence with the storyline. So the producers have to ensure most caution to give a graceful exit to the show and the characters.

The how so far has done exceptionally well and fans are waiting for the next season amid several possibilities to explore. It will be interesting to see how things are crafted without affecting the essence of the show.

There are many speculations regarding the content of fourth season. But, the producers have ensured so far that any significant change which is to come apart from the ones in the manga series.

Attack On Titans Season 4: Upcoming Movie?

No! Not the live-action one. When the Attack On Titans season 4  trailer dropped some news have also dropped about this.

Season 1, 2, and 3 are reported to be spliced up together to launch an Attack On Titans movie. In other words, all the 60 episodes from the franchise together into a three-hour movie.

It is reported that the movie is expected to coming soon by July 2020.

That’s all we have until we have to wait for all the latest updates until November 2020. Let us know your trailer breakdown views about season four in the comment section below.

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