Best CBD Pet Products

Best CBD Pet Products

Did you know that CBD works for pets too? Products in the form of oil tinctures and animal chews are available in the vet market and are approved to be safe by experts. If your pets show signs that they are experiencing seizures or pain, CBD oil and goodies may be the solution to make them feel better.

CBD for Pets 101

We’ll not go too deep into the science of it but it can help to know some of the basics. Cannabidiol or CBD belongs to the cannabinoid group of compounds. These are chemicals that can naturally be found in the cannabis plant.

CBD is different from its cousin, Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is also a cannabinoid. Unlike the latter, CBD does not cause a “high” or any psychoactive reaction. Its main effects are to help the body maintain homeostasis (a state of equilibrium) and relieve pain.

CBD is currently being used to treat seizure disorders and are known to treat anxiety and even symptoms of schizophrenia for humans. Recent veterinary research shows the same benefits can be enjoyed by our pet cats and dogs.

Safe for humans, but is it really safe for pets?

Yes! The best CBD pet products that are specifically created for animals are safe. For example, CBD oil for dogs are formulated so that they have only trace to 0% amounts of THC in them. The cannabidiol in your pets’ treats are not psychoactive, so your pets will not experience a high or show untoward behavior.

Pain, pain, go away.

So how does CBD promote good mood and behavior on your pets? It’s simple – pets act aggressively or restlessly because they are feeling pain or discomfort. Removing or alleviating the source of discomfort makes them feel good and make them behave well.

CBD interacts with your pets’ body to regulate biological processes. Current studies reveal that CBD relieves internal inflammation and reduces sensations of pain among animals. Moreover, it alleviates neuropathic pain.

Neuropathic pains are abnormal sensations of discomfort where animals can chronically feel pain even if there are no painful stimuli. These are most probably caused by disorders within the nervous system. And that’s where CBD comes in, as it relaxes the nerves and sensory systems of your pets.

Put them in their best mood.

As mentioned, an amazing effect of CBD to pets is mood improvement. Dogs, for example, may have anxiety issues that result in them being quick to be agitated. This can make them restless or even bare their fangs to the people around them. CBD oil solves this problem and stops them from snarling.

Dropping 1 mg of CBD oil to your pet’s mouth or mixing it with its food can do the trick. There will be notable differences with how your dog will interact with you and fellow pets. And don’t worry – the cannabidiol oil will not make them sleepy or like stiff zombies. They will still be active and in high spirits.

Will CBD make my pets hungry?

We have this idea that taking THC makes a person hungry. Now, is this increase in appetite also experienced by pets when taking CBD? Well, the answer is both yes and no.

Current research indicates that CBD products and munchies for pets do not increase their appetite – at least not directly. What CBD does is it treats the underlying condition that initially made your furry pals lose their appetite in the first place. With their appetite restored, you can rest assured they’re eating well.

Parting Thoughts

We hope this helped in understanding the effects of CBD products to pets. To recap, these come in the form of oil or treats. CBD oil can be administered orally to your pets or mixed with their food safely, as long as proper dosage is observed. CBD chews and crunchies can be fed to them like how we give them animal biscuits. The results show almost immediately!

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