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When it comes to family Christmas photos, there are too many cliches to count. The matching Christmas sweater theme has been done, as has the dark gray background with Christmas lights illuminating. Matching Santa hats with a well decorated Christmas tree in the background has already been duplicated more times than the Earth has gone around the sun. Coming up with an original theme for family Christmas photos is unarguably a fairly daunting task.


However, for the creative individual with an innovative mind there are countless original ways to frame the family Christmas photo set. How about matching Christmas pajamas? Or matching Rudolph ears? When filled with an enthusiasm for warm family times spent around the fireplace with peppermint in the area and hot cocoa on the stove, the list of Christmas themes for family holiday photos is actually endless.

Christmas Pajamas


Let’s face it, while opening presents and congregating around to decorate the tree are beautiful aspects of the Christmas celebration, we all also much appreciate the general inactivity of Christmas morning just as much as the sentimental joys of the holiday. By far one of the very best and most incredible aspects of the Christmas celebration is the sheer laziness of Christmas morning and day.


This is one of the few days out of the entire year where we worry not about waking up for work the next day. We do not fret about deadlines and students are carefree from the worries of homework assignments during Christmas break. Christmas day morning is the epitome of lounging. On this day, there is no need to change from one’s pajamas to one’s day clothes because the entire day is one of rest.


Because of this, one of the most adorable themes for a Christmas family photo is matching Christmas pajamas. The family can invest in a set of matching Christmas pajamas for everyone in the group. As in any family photo, Dad should stand in the back and kids in the front. Matching PJs can be worn with complimentary Santa Claus hats. The family can stand in the foreground of a background adorned with a Christmas tree or Christmas lights. Matching pajama sets can be bought online through major department store websites such as or through Amazon. Additionally, the family can explore pajama accessories such as teddy bears or stuffed animals with Christmas themes through Ebay or Amazon. These outfits and accessories can also be bought at the local department store and/or toy store.

The Rudolph Bunch


Another lovely theme for family holiday photos is the Rudolph theme. While family Christmas photos often require family members to be dressed in matching hats, matching clothes, matching elf ears, or matching pajamas, they rarely ask that each family member dress up as a deer. Rudolph is just asking much of a magical part of the Christmas holiday as is any elf or Chris Kringle himself. This is why another wonderful theme for holiday photos is matching Rudolph outfitting.


This can be done simply with each family member wearing a brown or tan shirt, along with a pair of Rudolph ears and a red button nose. The theme allows each family member to add his or her own unique touch to the costume while still adhering to a general theme. If possible, the family can wear not only red noses, but light up red noses. These can be purchased from the Halloween store where they are sold as clown noses. Additionally, the brown or tan shirts can be purchased from the local department store and the ears can be bought online.

The Peppermint Theme


Christmas family photos can also be composed according to a peppermint theme. One of the most amazing parts about Christmas is Christmas candy, and one of the most well loved Christmas candies is the peppermind stick. Family members can dress in red and white striped clothing.