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Exclusive HotStar Subscription USA Offer : Use Hotstar USA PROMO CODE CMP1880 and get 10% Discount + $100 Hotel Gift Card. This means you get gift cards worth $100 for spending $44.99. Read further for more details.

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Enjoy the IPL. I know you guys are really stressed with no real cricketing entertainment from past few months.

Hotstar USA Deal 1 :

Get 10% immediate discount when you signup for Annual Sports & Entertainment package using promo code CMP1880. The current price of the package is $49.99 per entire year. So, you will get it for $44.99.

No need to waste time on piracy websites. Offer Ends on very soon. Offer is valid only in USA – Annual Sports & Entertainment package.

Actual price : $50. Discounted Price : $44.99

Click on “Have a promo code?” link in payments page to provide the promo code (see below image for details).

Hotstar USA Deal 2:

Free $100 Gift Card Offer : Share this link on your Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn account and get $100 hotel gift card from SocialTalky. Just hit any one of the below social sharing buttons of your choice.

You can use this gift card to receive discount in any hotel bookings. No need to use it at one shot, you can use partial amounts for any number of bookings depending on your requirement. Life time validity. No expiry date.



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