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A house is a warm place where people create happy memories. It can also be a place where bugs, bacteria, and fungus thrive if it is not well maintained. You should clean every part of the house regularly to remove dirt, dust and prevent diseases. In this article, we provide information on when to deep clean the diverse places in your home.


1. The Microwave

There has always been an assumption that cooking food in a microwave helps to kill germs. However, research indicates that microwaving your food does not kill bacteria. Therefore, you should clean the microwave at least once a week and do a deep clean at least twice a month. Mix a half cup of water with half a cup of Vinegar (White). Place in the microwave on high heat for 30 sec. Wipe the interior using a sponge.

2. Refrigerator

Your refrigerator is a breeding ground for mold, yeast, and salmonella. Ensure that you wipe it often, but once a month, do a deep cleaning. Remove everything from your fridge and do a thorough wipe down.

3. Kitchen Countertop

If you are cooking every day, ensure that you wipe the kitchen surfaces regularly and after you finish preparing each meal. Countertops are usually dirty near the sink area. Therefore, ensure that you scrub them thoroughly to avoid germs settling on them.


1.Bed Linens

Your bed linens may get dirty, but according to your hygiene. If you shower before going to bed, they will not have as many germs as someone who skips showering. Wash your bed linens after every one or two weeks.

2. Pillows

Pillowcase protectors can shield your bed from dust mites. Make sure that you wash and replace them every two weeks. Additionally, launder your pillow every three months to ensure that you get rid of germs.

3. Mattress

You should clean your mattress after every six months. Your mattress can trap body fluids and even bed bugs. Therefore, cleaning your mattress ensures that you prevent and remove dirt, dust, and stains. You should ensure that you have your mattress professionally cleaned.

4. Duvets and blankets

Wash your duvet and blankets after every six months. You can use a washing machine or take it to the laundry for large duvets and mattresses.

Living Room


Most people vacuum clean and think that their room is clean. However, carpets contain lots of bacteria and dust. As a result, make sure that you wash them after every six months.

2. Windows and drapes

Wash your windows and drapes after every three to six months to get rid of grime. Woodwork and blinds need to be dusted and wiped after every three months.


1. Bathtubs and Showers

These two areas offer a moist and warm environment. Therefore, this is a breeding ground for fungus and bacteria that cause skin infections. Ensure that you scrub them thoroughly after every week.

2. Toilet

Always wipe your toilet seat using an antibacterial agent after every week. Ensure that you deep clean your toilet using a toilet brush to remove mineral deposits and stains.

3. Shower heads

At least once each year, ensure you wash the shower head by soaking it in a descaling product to remove mineral build-up.

4. Bath mats

A fabric bath mat acts as a breeding ground for fungus and bacteria. Use a sanitizing agent to remove harmful bugs.

Regularly deep clean all the areas of your house to get rid of bacteria and fungus. Additionally, this will ensure that you and your loved ones stay happy and healthy throughout the year.

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