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People feel the need to be social. The same is true of dogs. Like people, dogs really benefit from the chance to interact with other dogs. One of the best ways to make this happen is with the creation of a community dog park. A community dog park lets dogs and their owners interact in a totally safe space. Many local communities already have dog parks. If yours does not, you can build your own. Working together to create a space that welcomes dogs and allows dog lovers to share a common area is incredibly rewarding. It’s also easier than ever in the modern world. Your determination can pay off with an inviting outdoor space that lets you meet other dog owners and offers a place for your own dog to enjoy at the same time.

Find Other Dog Owners

The first thing you’ll want to do is find other dog owners. Your goal is to get together with like minded people in your local community. Many dog owners, especially those in large urban areas, are looking for places where their dogs can go outdoors without a leash. Dogs can be trained to obey human commands even when not leashed. Off leash play is good for dogs and owners. It allows both parties to learn to communicate better. Dog owners realize they don’t have a space where their dogs can be without a leash outdoors in their communities. Find fellow dog owners who understand this, want to change this fact and are willing to work to make it happen.

Pick a Site

A dog park needs a site. Investigate your local regional parks. Take the time to examine areas that aren’t in present use. You might see a deserted field where people rarely go. Many parks have small areas that might be in need of redoing. This is your chance to make use of such areas. A secluded space away from traffic is a great choice. An area that is open to the public and visible yet also needs cleaning up is another great option. You want to show you’ve done your homework before you do anything else. Demonstrating to community members that you can make the community better is a great way to convince people who don’t own dogs to join your cause.

Local Laws

Your next step is to find out about local laws. You are looking for people who understand the laws in your community. Contact a local legislator. Attend community meetings. In many communities, residents are allowed to bring up issues and changes they want directly. You can introduce a proposal to create a dog park in your community. Speak with legislators about the importance of this issue and the potential benefits offered to dog owners and the wider community at large. Now is the time to show off what you’ve learned to those with the power to create the park.

Come Up With Rules

Once you’ve spoken to legislators and picked out a site, you’ll need a set of rules for the park. Now is a chance to remind your fellow dog owners about the purpose of the park and expected behavior once people are using it. Good rules are easy to understand and follow. Keep it simple. Your goal is make sure all dog lovers can use it at the same time without conflicts. Make sure everyone understands what behavior is not allowed. For example, dogs who bite or otherwise misbehave should ideally be removed.

Get it in Place

After all these steps are completed, you can make it happen. You’ll want to set a budget. Get park benches and picnic tables. Ask people to volunteer their time to help put the park in place. Funds can be applied to create places for dog owners to have a chat. Make sure the ground is soft enough for dogs.

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