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When a wedding is in the planning stages, it seems as if there are millions of details to be ironed out before the big day. Along with catering, music, photography, and of course making sure the bride finds the wedding gown of her dreams, there is often the quest to find the perfect dresses for those young ladies who will be serving as junior bridesmaids. But unlike finding a bride’s gown or even those of traditional bridesmaids, finding junior bridesmaids dresses that will look beautiful and stylish can sometimes be a challenge. To help you overcome this obstacle and make sure each and every one of your junior bridesmaids will be looking great, here are some helpful tips to finding the perfect dress.

Don’t Wait Until the Last-Minute

Since these dresses can often be harder to find, don’t wait until the last-minute to start your search. In fact, as soon as the wedding party is finalized, be on the lookout for the perfect dress. Since the dress will undoubtedly require alterations so that it can match those of the other bridesmaids, you’ll need to get a head start on finding what you want.

Visit Local Bridal Shops

A great way to find exactly what you want, local bridal shops offer many advantages. To begin with, they offer more personalized service, so you should be able to have your questions answered in a more detailed fashion. Also, since customer service is often much better in local businesses, chances are you can get a variety of alterations made that will give the dress the exact look you wish. Finally, local bridal shops also have much better selections of dresses than many people think, which might allow you to find a style you simply can’t do without.

Don’t Get Too Cute

Since girls who are going to be junior bridesmaids are often at an age where they can be easily embarrassed, make sure you don’t get too cute when it comes to their dress. If you see something that looks a bit too unique in all the wrong ways, it’s best to leave it at the bridal shop. To make the best selection, always know what type of dress you want, be it a traditional or something that may reflect today’s fashion trends without going overboard.

Shop Around Online

While you can purchase junior bridesmaids dresses online from many sources, it may be better if you look around online mainly so that you can get some ideas about the style of dress you want. Since many sites now have capabilities that allow you to see how dresses may look when altered in various ways, you can often customize a dress exactly to your specifications. Once you know what you want, take your request to a local bridal shop for assistance.

Have a Price in Mind

As we all know, weddings can be very expensive endeavors, with many costing well over $10,000 or even much more. However, when shopping for junior bridesmaids dresses, the good news is that you can often find something great for under $250. In fact, many dresses can be purchased for about $150. Of course, the final price will vary depending on where you buy the dress, the types of alterations it will require, and other factors.

First and Foremost, Have Fun

While you don’t want the junior bridesmaids’ dresses to be the talk of the wedding for all the wrong reasons, that doesn’t mean you can’t have plenty of fun when looking around at various options. While the dress should of course blend in with other members of the wedding party, it can also reflect the personalities of those wearing them in terms of color and style.

While it may take some time to find the junior bridesmaids dress you have pictured in your mind, once you do there’s no doubt the young girl wearing it will look beautiful.

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