For some people, their morning ritual isn’t complete unless they’ve completed their entire skincare and makeup routine. Casual makeup users typically focus on features they’d like to accentuate, and that area is usually the eyes.

Creating a perfect eye look is a fun and rewarding experience, but keep in mind that everyone has unique preferences and tastes. Let’s walk through some key steps that will help you master this important aspect of makeup design.

Consider the Shape of Your Eye

Eyes come in many shapes and sizes. From round eyes, almond eyes, hooded eyes, monolids, wide-set eyes, and close-set eyes, everyone is working with different dimensions and features.

Therefore, the same makeup that looks perfect on Miley Cyrus won’t look nearly as beautiful on Awkwafina, Amanda Seyfried, or Kate Moss. These women all have drastically different natural eye colors, shapes, and eyelids.

Wide-set eyes do well with clearly-defined inner corners that bring focus to the center of the face. Close-set eyes look better with bigger, brighter inner corners to maximize the appearance of distance. 

Hooded eyes and monolids are better suited to smokey, blown out looks, as the lower eyelid shade is typically less visible with the eye open. Round eyes can be made to look more feline with sharply defined outer corners, and almond eyes can be balanced with a lighter shade on the waterline.

Properly Groom Your Brows

If your eyes are a painting, consider your eyebrows to be the frame. If your brows are too thin, too thick, or unkempt, their appearance is going to overshadow or interfere with the aesthetics of your eye makeup. 

If you aren’t sure how to perfect the length, shape, and thickness of your eyebrows, you can always go to a professional waxer or threader. If you have a few extra minutes, you can also perform a grooming routine at home with some simple tools.

Here is a basic brow shape formula that will work well for most people: The inner portion of the eyebrow should be made level with the edge of the nostril. The arch of the eyebrow should then line up with the pupil of the eye when looking straight ahead. The tail of the brow should align slightly past the outer corner of the eye.

Choose the Right Shape

There are dozens of different templates for eyeshadow application, but they all fall into the same three categories – sharp, round, and soft. 

Soft eyeshadow looks don’t have much of a shape. They’re generally light washes of color that don’t aim to add definition to the eye. These are easy, gentle, minimalist looks, perfect for people who are new to makeup.

Sharp eyeshadow shapes utilize angles, winged liner, or pointed inner corners to provide a feline shape to the eye. These are dramatic and glamorous shapes that change our entire facial appearance by adding new dimensions.

Round shapes, like smokey eyes, modify the perception of depth to our eyes. They’re deeper, moodier, and a little more sultry. Effortless punk and grunge looks utilize round eyeshadow shapes to create that “controlled mess” look. They’re a little less than perfect, and that’s what makes them so special.

Work with The Right Color Palette

The final touch of an amazing eye look comes from color. If you have a knack for pairing colors together on your own, you can work with individual shadows to achieve a perfect palette. If you’d rather let the pros sort that out for you, start with a trusty premade eyeshadow palette

Eyeshadow palettes are curated for stunning looks out of the box. Just work with those light, medium, and dark shades to create depth and dimension, and perfectly accentuate your unique eye shape.


When all is said and done, what constitutes an amazing eye look is how you feel. 

Are you happy with bright, bold pops of color? Do you prefer a shimmery, soft, neutral look? Does an all-matte look make you feel chic and sophisticated? Use eye makeup to empower yourself, and be your version of amazing.