Buying nice clothes can be really expensive. Unfortunately, clothes can quickly wear out and start to look old if you are not careful. This will force you to buy a whole new wardrobe every year. The only way to avoid this costly expense is by taking great care of your clothes when washing and drying them. Laundry may be a boring household task, but perfecting it will save you a lot of trouble. These are the six best ways to keep your clothes looking new longer.

Turn Clothes Inside Out

The outside is the most important part of every piece of clothing, so you need to protect it as much as possible when doing the laundry. The best way to do this is by turning the clothes inside out before washing them. This prevents snags and loose threads from developing on the outside of the clothes. It also helps save any screen printed designs on shirts. Your clothes will get just as clean, so there is no need to worry.

Always Use Cold Water

Hot water causes colors on clothes to quickly fade. This can make your clothes look worn out and dated after only a few washes. Since cold water does not damage threads in clothes, they will stay strong for much longer. There are absolutely no disadvantages to doing laundry in cold water. The clothes will come out just as clean, especially if you buy laundry detergent specifically designed for cold water. You will also save money on utilities since the water heater is not needed. Save the hot water for sheets and clothes covered in mud.

Air Dry Clothes

Just like hot water, the heat of a dryer can quickly cause a lot of damage to your clothes. In addition to weakening the threads in the clothing, the dryer will also cause shrinkage and color fading. Easily prevent this damage by air drying your clothes whenever possible. The easiest way to do this is by purchasing a drying rack. They are relatively inexpensive and do not take up much room. If you do not want to get a drying rack, then hang up your clothes on the shower curtain after taking them out of the washer.

Do Not Use Bleach

Using bleach to brighten white clothes may seem like a brilliant idea, but it is actually going to ruin your shirts, socks and pants. While chlorine bleach is an effective whitener for dirty clothes, it also eats away at the threads in your clothes. This will cause them to fall apart in a very short time. If your whites are losing their brightness, then you need to use an all-natural whitening agent the next time you do laundry. Vinegar and lemon juice are two perfect options.

Immediately Treat Stains

You do not have to throw away your favorite shirt or pair of pants just because you spilled something on them. The key to preserving your favorite clothes is to treat the stain as soon as it happens. Every stain needs to be treated in a different manner, so make sure you are using the proper cleaning techniques. Once you have treated the stain, you need to throw the clothes in the washer. If you do not take the time to immediately treat the stain, then it is going to settle into the clothes the next time you do laundry. The stain will likely never come out once this happens.

Get a Front-Loading Washer

If you are serious about maintaining the quality of your clothes for a long time, then you need to use a front-loading washing machine. These washers are so important because they do not use an agitator. This crucial part of every top-loading washer violently whips the clothes around when washing them. This puts a lot of stress on the clothes and causes threads to get snagged. Front-loading washers use a gentle tumble motion to clean clothes.