How to Maintain Your Pistol

How to Maintain Your Pistol

Like any other machine, a pistol is vulnerable to failure and malfunctioning. Proper maintenance can help increase the pistol’s life span and functionality. How do you maintain your pistol?

1. Use the manual

Each handgun comes with a manufacturer’s guide with instructions on how to maintain it. While most people underestimate the effort of going through the manual, it might be the only difference between your gun’s reliability and failure. The manual has instructions on how to load, use, and maintain the pistol.

If you cannot understand the guide, it will help contact the manufacturer or research online. If the pistol is a used one, you can inquire from the previous owner or do your research. Each gun is assembled differently –how you maintain each of them can vary significantly.

2. Unload the pistol safely

When the handgun is not in use, you should unload it –ensure that the barrel points in a safer direction. You should always handle the firearm safely and keep you hand off the trigger. One of the safety tips is to assume that the gun is still loaded.

Pistol owners with a concealed permit should often switch to the magazine (at least within four months). If you have not been using the device for a while, try to shoot at a target fortnightly. By doing this, you are sure of its functionality, and your skills are at par.

3. Use the appropriate stuff

One of the tips for maintaining your pistol is using the right stuff when you opt for DIY maintenance solutions. The gun has particular products designed for lubricating, cleaning, and protection. Since a firearm has to stand the friction, heat, high speed, and rust, ensure that you use each maintenance product as per the manufacturer’s guide. When cleaning, be sure to distinguish the parts. Since guns vary, they may be attached differently. Here is how to differentiate the parts:

  • Frame/grip: houses the trigger and the magazine
  • Slide: located at the top of the firearm, seals the chamber, and secures the firing pin.
  • The barrel and chamber: you should be cautious when dissembling them as they determine the gun’s accuracy.
  • The guide rod and recoil spring: the rod guides the slide, and the spring pulls it back when you fire a shot.

4. Check the device regularly

If you do not use the pistol regularly, you should check it as often as you can. When a handgun is not in use, it is prone to dust and rust-checking; it regularly ensures that you get rid of any stuff that can cause malfunctioning. Daily carriers as well should have weekly inspections to ensure everything is in order.

5. Clean the pistol

All the outer parts must undergo maintenance as they are equally vulnerable to rust and wear. You can soak a clean rag in the gun oil and wipe the entire device to give it a new look. Doing this daily reduces the chances of rusting or dust clogging in the parts.

Wipe each part as fast as you can, but cautiously. When wiping the pistol, check for any loose stocks or screws and tighten them. Use the solvent preferred by the manufacturer when cleaning the dirty components.

6. Apply light grease

Most of the mechanical parts experience friction, which over time, can reduce the pistol’s accuracy. It will help if you apply oil to the slides in small proportions. Apply it gently and cautiously to prevent damaging any parts.

7. Get rid of debris

If you cannot access a sonic cleaner, you can find alternative solutions, like scrubbing to remove debris. You can soak a toothbrush in a solvent and clean the equipment cautiously –avoid scrubbing harder as you can tamper with the parts. Do this as often as you can, and you will reduce the chances of your equipment failing.

Basic maintenance procedures:

  • Unload the gun
  • Disassemble as per the manufacturer’s guide
  • Inspect each part separately– check for corrosion or rust, carbon, dust, and any degrading in metal parts
  • Clean appropriately –use a white cloth to ascertain the parts cleanness
  • Lubricate the metal parts
  • Reassemble as per the manufacturer’s guide
  • Check functionality accuracy
  • Reload the pistol
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