If you’d like to give your loved ones gifts they’ll love or buy something else for the holidays, you’ll probably need extra money. Instead of spending your time applying for jobs, you might want to try other ideas for fast cash. Luckily, there are plenty of easy ways to accomplish your goal beforehand.

Make Arts and Crafts

Probably the best time to sell arts & crafts is when the holidays are coming up, because this is when people are usually looking to buy unique, handmade items for loved ones. You can make and sell Christmas ornaments, greeting cards, scarves, sweaters, soaps, drawings, paintings or something else. You can find free video or blog tutorials online, if you want to learn how to make arts & crafts to sell.

Sell Your Junk Car

Your yard will be cleaner, and you’ll free up space with your junk car out of the way. You’ll also be helping to keep the environment clean. For instance, hazardous chemicals can leak out of the car into the ground and cause significant damage to the ecosystem. Consequently, these chemicals can even get into your water supply and become a health risk for you and your family.

Fill Out Online Surveys

A few websites you can sign up on include Survey Junkie, Paid Viewpoint YouGov and Pinecone Research, among others. To begin with, you’ll need to answer some questions, so you can start making money. Survey topics you may encounter are about politics, products, businesses, important issues and more. Although you won’t earn much doing surveys, this is an easy way to make money in your spare time.

Write for Money

If you enjoy writing and grammar, you have the potential to earn enough holiday cash to buy whatever you want. You can write about business, pets, entertainment, lifestyle, fashion and other topics which may be of interest to you. Sometimes you can get paid to write poetry or short stories. You can search for legitimate writing work on FlexJobs. Remember, it’s important to find writing jobs that pay you what you’re worth.

Save Up Your Change

Although it may not seem like it, saving your loose change can add up over a short amount of time. You can search for change in your car, under a mattress, inside pockets and on the floor where you might have dropped coins. Set a jar out to collect your change, so you know where it is. Additionally, try saving your change online with apps such as Chime and Acorns.

Become a Tutor

If you have knowledge in subjects like Math, English, Chemistry or others, you can be a tutor online. Besides this, you’ll be helping someone else gain knowledge, so they can finish their homework or pass a test. You can also teach foreigners how to speak English. This can help them understand American culture better or maybe even get a job in the U.S.

Try Recycling

Recycling helps the environment by keeping trash out of landfills and nature. You can recycle used cell phones, laptops and other electronic items. Additionally, try collecting soda cans to make a few dollars. You may not earn much, but every little bit helps. Plus, you have the chance to feel like a better person for helping the environment.

Sell Your Used Books

You can sell any used books you may have that you’ll no longer read. This might be old college textbooks, fiction, nonfiction or others. Consider selling on eBay or other websites where you can list them. Another option is to buy textbooks at a low enough price to resell them, and make a profit.

You don’t have to work hard to earn a bit of money for the holidays. In fact, you might find many of these ideas to be quite enjoyable. In the meantime, you can imagine all of the ways you can spend that holiday cash.

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