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Hurricanes are incredibly dangerous. The hurricane season starts in June and ends in November. It’s important to be aware of any potential hurricanes that might pose a threat to your home or place of business. People who are preparing for a hurricane need to be especially careful. Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to protect your home from these dangerous storms.


The Windows


Windows need special. High winds and rain can easily damage part or all of many windows in your home. Even a small crack can bring in lots of moisture that can cause a problem with your floors and walls. Once you know the hurricane is heading your way, you want to bring out the tape. Taping the windows is an excellent way to help avoid this issue. Broken glass can directly threaten your physical safety. Bits and pieces of glass will cling to the glass and keep them hitting family members. Another option is to invest in hurricane shutters


Sandbag It


Flooding is a huge issue when it comes to hurricanes. Any hurricane can bring in what is known as a storm surge. This is when waters come inland even when you’re nowhere near the shore. Even a small storm surge can create all kinds of problems. It’s possible to ward off these problems in advance with the use of sandbags. Many public health officials are happy to hand these out before the storm arrives. You can also make your own. Use garbage bags and fill with water. Then seal and pile up in front of your home.


All Loose Objects


Loose objects are extremely dangerous during a storm. If the wind lifts something up, it can smash windows and hurt people. Prepare for the hurricane by having a close look at all items that aren’t tied down. Things can be tied down so they won’t shift or move. This is the time to have a look around the exterior of your home. You want to make sure there are no excess tree branches that could get loose. Take all patio items inside so they don’t get damaged or hit the side of your home.


Medical Needs


Medical items might be short in the aftermath of the storm. Lay in things you might need well in advance. This is particularly true of medical related materials that you must have for chronic conditions. For example, if you are taking medications, you want to make sure you have at least a week’s worth of pills on hand. The same is true of things like formula. Members of your family who have special needs should have them on hand. Contact your pharmacist and your provider. You can’t concentrate on your home if you’re having medical problems.


Extra Supplies


Other kinds of supplies may also be in short supply. Lay in things you’re likely to need to fix any problems and help your family once the hurricane starts. A roll of tape is a good thing to add to your windows if you haven’t already done so. Extra garbage bags can be filled with debris that can be kept out of the way so you aren’t tripping over it. Clean pillowcases, blankets and a change of clothing are also a good idea if you’re going to head to a shelter after the hurricane.


Environmental Protection


All homes should be equipped with environmental sensors that can do things such as detect excess levels of carbon monoxide as well as alert you if there’s fire and smoke in the bedroom. These are extremely common hazards in the aftermath of a hurricane. This is the time to make sure these alarms are working. If the electricity goes off, the alarms might not be working. If you have the kind that runs on batteries, make sure the batteries are in good shape. That will ensure your home is protected from such dangers.

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