siterail growing traffic

Now that the media is painted with expert predictions for Google and SEO in 2021, where to next? SEO alongside quality content might be important in terms of achieving a higher ranking on Google, it is however not the only thing you need to do to grow your business. SEO also takes a long time to give results so it’s imperative you use complementary methods to achieve better and quicker results such as social media, press releases, blog posts etc. 

So how do you drive referral traffic to your website? 

First of all you want links that will generate qualified traffic and not just focusing on building links for the sake of it. Try to focus your efforts on the most efficient methods that can give you high quality results costing you the least amount of time and money. 

  1. Write guest content on high quality sites 

One way of increasing referral traffic and creating quality content that your users will appreciate is writing for other reputable blogs. Guest blogging is a proven method to create quality links. 

You should make sure that the content you will be creating on your guest blog post is relevant with what you do on your own blog, so basically don’t write about what you don’t know. 

Also make sure the blog post is under your own name or brand to create the awareness and visibility you’re aiming for. Linking to influential writers and sites can also help your blog post attract some extra attention from influencers in your industry. 

  1. Commenting on Blog Posts

Apart from writing guest blog posts a complementary method to increase your referral traffic is commenting on blogs that have relevant content to your own and a similar target audience. 

You want to make sure that you study the website thoroughly before leaving a comment as you want to get a feel for their overall vibe so you post something that can resonate with their audience. Pay attention to the comment section on the blog if their users are engaged in their content and if the admin responds to questions and comments on a regular basis. 

Creating value for your readers is essential for building trust and engagement with your audience so before posting your comment think about how you can make the highest impact and catch the attention of other readers so they will want to know who you are.

Lastly, timing is always of the essence, make sure you are commenting early maximizing your comments visibility and relevancy. 

  1. Using Press Releases 

Another way to build your referral traffic and create some great content for your site is to use press releases. This is a surefire way to create fresh content for your website and let your audience know that you are alive and here to offer them value content. 

Press releases can build link diversity and google news citations, ultimately increasing search traffic and getting higher rankings as long as you do things right. 

Doing things right means choosing a press release platform that can offer exceptional media coverage that targets popular media outlets and influencers while utilizing professional writing expertise. You don’t just need a provider that has mass media coverage you also need quality content writing, 

 Also high quality original content has the potential of attracting earned media which will increase traffic and visibility to your site through the indirect SEO value that press releases have to offer.

You can read more about how to best utilize Press Releases to grow your referral traffic on the Siterail website. Siterail showcases how not to sacrifice quality over quantity by having content created by real journalists that can increase content quality and credibility – even getting your content into Forbes and Entrepreneur without high conventional costs. 

  1. Use Social Media Platforms to reach your audience  

Social media platforms can help you build your presence and authority in your specific niche building a community and reaching your targeted audience wherever they might be located. 

If you want to increase your referral traffic then you should definitely get active on social media platforms and find your audience. 

Research where your target audience for your specific industry is located, on which platforms are they active. If you’re an e-commerce site or fashion blog your audience might be on more visual platforms such as instagram. If you’re a B2B business then your audience might be found on a more formal platform such as Linkedin. 

Wherever your audience might be it is essential to time your posts well so they perform the best. Do some research online and find the optimal times to post your content to maximize user engagement and click through rates. 

In the end, even though your goal is to grow your referral traffic and business visibility, if you are not delivering value to the user first, you will not be able to achieve your goals – there are no shortcuts to great content.