Legacies Season 3 Release Date, Plot And Everything You Need to Know

Legacies Season 3 Release Date, Plot And Everything You Need to Know

Barring a few, most vampires live forever. And, the same is true for the Vampire Diaries franchise, although that series was wrapped up in 2017. The world it created is continued in Originals, which got canceled too. The Legacies which is still going strong over CW.

The show has been created by Julie Plec. This supernatural drama series, which first premiered in October 2008, is the spin-off show of The Originals.

Legacies Season 3: Plot


Legacies follow the story of Hope Mikaelson, daughter of Klaus Mikaelson and Hailey Marshall. She has the origin of being the powerful werewolf, vampire, and having a rich bloodline. No surprise here at all, the show occurs two years after the story of The Originals.

It features a seventeen-year-old  HopeMikaelson going to Salvatore School, for young and gifted here people who have supernatural powers are given the training, to control their unique abilities and how to put them on use for better purposes.

After the first season, it received huge appreciation and fan following from the on-lookers. It wasn’t long after the premiere of the second season, that the show was renewed for The Legacies Season 3.

No surprise here, the Vampire Diaries lasted for eight seasons and the Originals lasted for five seasons. This is giving hope, there would be a decent life post The Legacies Season 3.

The Legacies are already halfway through the second season and the renewal of the show for the third season has created the wave of excitement among fans.

Everyone is excited to know more about the third season. But, don’t worry! We gathered all the possible information regarding the show. Here is everything, you need to know about the third season of the legacies.

Legacies Season 3: Release Dates

Nothing about Legacies Season 3 has been revealed by the production company, except the official announcement of season three which was made social media handles, earlier this year.

It is too early to reveal anything about the plot of the series, but no surprise that the characters of Salvatore school will be back for another year to fight the monsters in order to save their school.

As the show is the spin-off of The Originals series, one should expect to see some characters from it, and there have been rumors ever since the first season that the show will likely be giving more reference to The Originals’ story.

Apart from this, fans can even expect to see some characters from the Vampire Diaries. This is because of season 2 premiere and references to the villain Sky Parker, played by Chriswood on the show.

Yes! The Vampire Diaries alumni who had killed the mother of Josie Saltzman. After this episode was aired, the creator of the show Julie Plec revealed that fans can expect to see more of Sky Parker in The Legacies Season 3.

The third season was announced when the season two was already on air. Therefore, most of the things that fans are expecting to see may have already happened in season two. This will make everything more exciting as who will survive in season three.

As we talk about the number of episodes, the first season has 16 episodes. The second season which has been recently concluded also features 16 episodes. The same case can be expected for the third season, and it is enough to keep us hooked up.

Besides this, no announcement about the airing of season three has been made from the production company. But is likely to happen in October 2020, keeping in view the release pattern for the first two seasons, which was premiered during that time of the year.

But it would be only possible if they are done with the production of Legacies Season 3 while considering the health concern about the globe due to the virus pandemic. Otherwise, it would be even later as it is possible that the production would have been halted like most other shows.

If things go back to normal, the fans should expect the trailer of the show in summers of this year and the show may be aired during the fall.

Until then, you can go on binge-watching first and second seasons and try to note some important details about the story that you may have missed.

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