Lucifer Season 5: Release Date,  Lucifer-Chloe Wedding Bells and what to expect from a new season

Lucifer Season 5: Release Date,  Lucifer-Chloe Wedding Bells and what to expect from a new season

Would Lucifer return from hell? Would there be Lucifer season 5?

Fans across the globe are eagerly waiting for the next instalment of Lucifer. Netflix’s Lucifer season could drop any day and it’s getting harder and harder to keep our cool.

To add to the excitement, a recent tweet from Netflix about season 5 release date has set fans on frenzy. Here are the latest updates from Lucifer season 5.

Lucifer season 5: Will there be another season?


Fans have been waiting for a new season ever since Lucifer season 4 wrapped back in May last year. After its cancellation on Fox, fans were worried that Season 4 might be the last they see of the charming devil.

But soon after the show aired on Netflix, the network revealed that they were renewing the show for another season. All thanks to the loyal fans, who made Lucifer the top streamed show on Netflix in 2019.

And we’re closer than ever to see how Chloe is coping after Lucifer left her to become the king of Hell. Netflix has been tight-lipped about the premiere date of the upcoming season of Lucifer until now.

Lucifer season 5: Release Date

On April 8, Netflix France has sent out a tweet which has us convinced that we’ll be watching the new season sooner than later. The tweet reads, ‘’Do you feel the flames of Hell? Lucifer season 5 is coming soon ..promised, we will give a date.’’

Moreover, the stars and the showrunners have yet to reveal anything about the premiere date.

Lucifer season 5: What to expect from the new season?

While we’ve been waiting for the new season to drop, showrunners have shared new details on what to expect from the new season.

The fifth season has been split into two parts, consisting of eight episodes each. With the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, production has been halted for many shows at Warner Bros.and Netflix. And, it looks like Lucifer is one of them.

The show was nearing the end of production on the new season. Since Lucifer season 5 will have two parts, fans don’t need to be worried about the upcoming release.

Lucifer season 5: Lucifer-Chloe Wedding Bells?

The last season ended with Lucifer and Chloe separated with little hope that the pair would reunite. But there have been hints that the pair will end up tying the knot in the upcoming season.

What Lucifer season 5 will have for you?

We’ve already seen how hell looks like in Lucifer. And, this time around we might be getting a  look at Heaven. Showrunner Joe Henderson recently tweeted a photo of stars Tom Ellis and Lauren German during their downtime on sets, right before lockdown restrictions took place.

We’ve seen Lucifer go down to hell to deal with demonic threats but he’s never been to heaven on show.

Will he finally pay a visit to dear old dad in the upcoming season?

The identity of God has remained a mystery throughout the series. However, that’s going to change as Dennis Haysbert will be joining season 5 as God.

Also, Lucifer has a lot of catching up to do with his father, so we’re assuming that it will happen in heaven.

Lucifer season 5 will also feature a special musical episode set in an alternate universe that will be entirely in black and white.  Tom Ellis shared that the episode will feature special musical performances from Lucifer and Maze.

Will there be a Lucifer season 6?

Netflix is currently nearing a deal to bring Lucifer back for a sixth season. TV Line recently reported that Tom Ellis has signed a new deal to continue Lucifer’s reign as the King of Hell in the potential sixth season.

This is great news since the extension of his contract means that Netflix is planning on renewing the series beyond the previously announced fifth and final season.

Meanwhile, there haven’t been any official announcements yet but we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed as we watch the upcoming Lucifer Season 5.

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