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One of the best reference books for Class 10 ICSE students to practice Maths is Understanding ICSE Mathematics by ML Aggarwal. This book is designed in a manner that gives emphasis on basic terms, principles, facts, chapters and their applications. This book covers a number of examples from real-life situations. So the students can easily correlate and master the concepts of Class 10 Maths. The probability of these questions coming in board exams is quite high. So it will be a benefit for the students to practice these questions.

The concepts are explained in an easy to understand and stepwise manner so that the students can boost their expertise in the concepts. ML Aggarwal Solutions For Class 10 Maths by BYJU’S provides error-free solutions that are created by our specialized professionals. The solutions are provided here according to the latest syllabus. Students can easily download these solutions from our website in PDF format for free. ML Aggarwal Solutions contains 22 chapters. Following is a brief description of the chapters.

Chapter 1: GST – This chapter deals with goods and its service tax.

Chapter 2: Banking – This chapter covers maturity value, deposit, rate of interest, and important concepts of banking.

Chapter 3: Shares and dividends- This chapter contains different problems related to shares and dividends.

Chapter 4: Linear inequations – This chapter explains inequalities among real numbers, linear inequations and solving linear inequations in one-variable using the two permissible rules.

Chapter 5: Quadratic equations in one variable – This chapter describes solving quadratic equations by different methods.

Chapter 6: Factorization – This chapter deals with polynomials and related terms, remainder theorem, factor theorem and use of Factor theorem.

Chapter 7: Ratio and Proportion – This chapter covers various questions on ratio and proportions.

Chapter 8: Matrices – This chapter deals with matrix addition and subtraction, solving matrix equations, and multiplication of matrices.

Chapter 9: Arithmetic and geometric progression – This chapter describes arithmetic and geometric progressions.

Chapter 10: Reflection – This chapter deals with a reflection on X-axis and reflection on Y-axis.

Chapter 11: Section formula – This chapter covers various problems related to distance formula, section formula and midpoint formula.

Chapter 12: Equation of straight line – This chapter explains slope of a line.

Chapter 13: Similarity – This chapter contains topics on similarity of triangles.

Chapter 14: Locus – This Chapter covers different problems on locus.

Chapter 15: Circles – This chapter deals with major arc, minor arc, segment and tangents to a circle.

Chapter 16: Constructions – This chapter explains constructions of circle, triangle, circumcircle, and inscribed circle.

Chapter 17: Mensuration – This chapter covers surface area and volume of three-dimensional solids.

Chapter 18: Trigonometric identities – This chapter contains trigonometric identities and proofs.

Chapter 19: Trigonometric tables – This chapter deals with various questions on trigonometric tables.

Chapter 20: Heights and distances – This chapter covers various application questions of trigonometry.

Chapter 21: Measures of central tendency -This chapter explains mean, mode, median, ogive and histogram.

Chapter 22: Probability – This chapter deals with sample space and the probability of different events.

Students are advised to solve the problems using ML Aggarwal Solutions to upgrade their conceptual knowledge. Solving different problems helps students to improve time management skills by practicing problems on a daily basis. It also increases their confidence, which is important from the exam point of view. This helps students to be stress-free during the time of examination.

Students are recommended to practice the topics covered in each section productively.

Get thorough with ML Aggarwal Solutions For Class 10 Maths and various problems with BYJU’S.

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