If you find yourself moving due to taking a new job, retirement, or simply to be closer to cherished family members, you of course will need to make arrangements with a moving company to move your furniture and other possessions to your new destination. However, there is also the matter of getting your car there as well. While you may automatically assume you’ll just get behind the wheel and drive it yourself, it may actually make more sense to have your car shipped to your new home. Yet since there are many misconceptions associated with car shipping, most people fail to take advantage of this service. To help you learn about the benefits of car shipping, here are some of the most common myths about it and the facts you need to know.


Myth: Car Shipping is Expensive


When you add up the numbers about shipping a car versus driving it there yourself, the facts show car shipping is much cheaper. By the time you factor in the gas needed for the long trip, staying in a hotel along the way, paying for meals while on the road, and other expenses, it typically costs as much as three times more to drive the car yourself than have it shipped.


Myth: My Car Will Get Damaged


If you ship a car, chances are quite high it will be in perfect condition when the trip is completed. Since most car shipping companies offer such options as enclosed trailers for vehicles, your car will be able to make the trip while not being exposed to weather or other factors that could result in damage. However, if you choose to drive it yourself, there is always the possibility you could be involved in an accident that severely damages your vehicle. Also, the wear and tear on your vehicle during the long trip could lead to mechanical failures, which as you know are never cheap to fix.


Myth: Car Shipping Companies Only Ship Cars


While it is true that car shipping companies do the vast majority of their business shipping cars across the United States, that does not mean they don’t ship other types of vehicles as well. In fact, it is not at all uncommon for a car shipping company to ship such things as motorcycles, boats, recreational vehicles, and even heavy equipment to various destinations. In most cases, whatever you need shipped can be done so in a prompt, efficient, and cost-effective manner.


Myth: Always Go with the Lowest Price


Of all the myths associated with car shipping, this is perhaps the one that can ultimately lead to the biggest problems for you and your vehicle. If you choose the company that offers you the lowest rock-bottom price to ship your car, you will likely be a victim of the classic bait-and-switch tactic. While you may not have to pay very much initially, chances are once your car arrives at its destination it won’t be released to you until you pay a bunch of very expensive hidden fees. When this happens, you either pay the extra money or find yourself without a vehicle.


Myth: I’ll Get There Faster If I Drive


In almost all cases, your car will arrive at your new destination much quicker if you allow car shipping professionals to do the job for you. Since transporting your vehicle is the company’s primary job, it will do all it can to make sure it gets from Point A to Point B on the date you requested. If you bypass this option and instead decide you’ll get there faster by driving, chances are you will encounter any number of delays. Whether this involves traffic jams, having to take unexpected detours due to construction, mechanical issues with your vehicle, bad weather, or simply having to stop to eat and rest now and then, these and other issues will virtually guarantee you’ll arrive much later than you originally anticipated.