Netflix’s Seven Deadly Sins Season 4: Coming in July 2020

Netflix’s Seven Deadly Sins Season 4: Coming in July 2020

Netflix’s Seven Deadly Sins Season 4: Coming in July 2020After a three-year hiatus, the smash-hit anime franchise Seven Deadly Sins is all set to launch its next season. With fans already enjoyed binge-watching to seasons 3, we are flooding with a lot of questions when season 4 will be released. Here’s everything you need to know about Seven Deadly Sins Season 4.

Based on the manga novel of the same name, Nakaba Suzuki’s created was set in the fictional British Isles. The Kingdom of Liones, where its citizens are protected by the ‘Holy Knights’.

Seven Deadly Sins Season 4


The order of the Holy Knights is known for having some of the greatest and strongest heroes of the land. The story begins after 10 years when members of the ‘Holy Knights’ were falsely framed for staging the coup against the crown.

To protect lives and to restore peace, Princess Elizabeth approaches Seven Deadly Sins: the very same knights who were falsely accused of the charged and had been on run for the past 10 years. Princess teamed up with the Seven deadly sins to bring back the peace and prosperity in the kingdom of Liones.

Seven Deadly Sins Season 3 Recap

Seven Deadly Sins defeated Hendrickson but wasn’t conquered. To go with the mission, Hendrickson frees the trapped member of demon clan known as the ‘The Ten Commandments’. The commandments then waged the war on Britannia and invades the kingdom of Liones and Camelot.

The season ended with the comeback of Meliodas who kills Fraudrin, the commander of the Ten Commandments. It was later revealed that Meliodas is cursed to be immortal and son of the Demon King.

The Demon King’s sinful scheme is to bank on the emotional Meliodas, to invade the kingdom of Liones.

After defeating Fraudrin, Meliodas was not happy with the Ban’s reaction over his triumph. Meliodas celebrate the victory with Princess Elizabeth and expressed his worries that in order to save Elizabeth he had to incarcerated to the demon he was once. Holding him in his arms, Elizabeth says no matter what happens she will never leave her side.

Will there be Seven Deadly Sins Season 4?

Yes there would be next season, as announced by Netflix which is to be aired in July 2020. There’s speculation that there is going to be a lot more to cover.

If we go by the manga, a web-comic version, there are still 110 chapters to cover. Considering the amount of story and the fighting combined, there’s no reason to believe why all of it can’t be aired for two more seasons.

As per Netflix, the fourth season will be called The Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath of the Gods.

What to expect from The Seven Deadly Sins Season 4?

Spoiler alert! Many secrets and revelation would be surfaced as Meliodas’s relationship with Elizabeth would be unexpectedly tale a toll. Will Melidas will succumb into a demon to protect Elizabeth? The season may witness the return of Seven deadly sins into the kingdom as they will take on the demon clan to protect it.

Will the kingdom of Camelot would be taken over by Zeldris? Will King Arthur will ever return to reign back into Camelot?

We will see what all this action-packed, fantasy-anime get for us.

Is there an animation changed for The Seven Deadly Sins Season 4?

The aesthetic part of the series will remain the same as from manga, but if we go by images, gifs, and videos of the latest season, one can witness a notable difference in the animation quality. A-1 pictures who was responsible for the aesthetic and anime for the past three seasons has stepped down. Studio Deen has taken the charge for season 4.

We hope Studio Deen will give a better justification to The Seven Deadly Sins Season 4. As the trailer goes by, apart from acute minor glitches, we didn’t find any major mishaps.

The Seven Deadly Sins Season 4 was reported to launch in 2019, but it was the animation quality that made producers and show-makers not happy. If there would have been a rush, surely there’s going to be a major disappointment and heart-breaking for the fans.

Just can’t wait till July, feel like we all just want this season now!

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