The COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone to stay in their homes for the last eight months. While this has been hard on everyone, it has been especially difficult for the kids. The lack of social interaction is much tougher for young kids than adults. Since the kids cannot have fun with their friends, it is up to you to find ways to entertain them. Set up some fun activities outside to help everyone have a good time in the fresh air. These are six fun outdoor recreation activities the whole family can safely enjoy at home.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are fun ways to keep the kids active for a few hours. Hide various items throughout the backyard and inside the house. Give the kids clues to the location of these items. Keep the kids interested by giving them a reward every time they find a certain number of items. Once they complete the entire scavenger hunt, then they should earn an even bigger prize. These prizes can be a delicious snack, money or a new toy.

Backyard Camp Out

Visiting a campsite has not really been possible this year, but you do not have to give up one of your favorite family activities. Instead of going to a large campground, you can just set up a campsite in your backyard. Set up a tent and make a bonfire. Roast hotdogs, melt marshmallows, play games and tell scary stories just like you would while camping. This is a great way to escape reality and bond as a family during this tough time.

Play Your Favorite Sport

There is a very good chance that your kids are missing playing their favorite sports this year. While you cannot recreate the feeling of playing a game with their team, you can still have some fun in the yard. Playing catch, kicking a soccer ball or shooting baskets does not require a lot of space in the yard. This will help the kids keep their skills fresh for next season. If your family is big enough, then you can even play a complete game against each other.

Set Up Obstacle Course

Thanks to outrageous videos on the internet, obstacle courses are very popular among kids right now. This fun activity is very easy to set up using items you have sitting around the house. Time the kids to see if they can beat their best time. Let the kids make a few changes to the course after they have finished it a few times. Make sure you try out their course to give the kids some extra laughs.

Create An Outdoor Theater

Going to the movie theater is always a popular activity for families. Unfortunately, it just is not safe to go to the theater right now. Do not let the pandemic stop you from enjoying this wonderful activity with the kids. It is incredibly easy to create a movie theater in your backyard. There are plenty of places to rent an outdoor movie projector and screen. Once you have the movie set up, then you just need to add some seats and snacks.

Have a Picnic

You do not have to visit the local park to have a fun picnic. Just lay out a blanket in the yard. Prepare everything like you would for a picnic in the park. Wrap up the food and put it in a basket. The goal is to make everything feel the same even though you are not in the park. You can even throw around a frisbee and play other fun games after you are done eating.

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