Reasons to Get Pre Rolls

Reasons to Get Pre Rolls

In the world of Cannabis, the pre roll joint is often overlooked. This quick and convenient method comes in handy any time and any place. Most marijuana dispensaries carry pre rolls. In the cannabis industry, pre rolled joints are typically made from the trim or shake, leftover from the actual buds. Many sellers offer top shelf strains in these ready to smoke products. Often one of the most affordable ways to enjoy cannabis, these ready to use joints pack a big punch in the land of Mary Jane.


The convenience of pre rolls comes without question. Not only are you in and out of the dispensary in record time, but your cannabis is ready to smoke immediately. Many people prefer the convenience of pre rolls over breaking down buds and rolling up themselves. Usually individually packaged, pre rolls are fresh and ready to use.

Easy to Use

Cannabis users come in all walks of life. Some may have an illness or ailment that makes rolling marijuana difficult. Pre rolls are the perfect solution for impaired motor skills. Simply take it out of the container and light. Some methods require multiple accessories. Pre rolls do not, and are one of the easiest ways to use marijuana.


Most dispensaries carry an in-house blend, sold in pre roll form. Their house blend is typically the most affordable option. Some places offer top shelf strains, at a much more affordable price than whole buds. Pre rolls can offer a small portion of super potent cannabis, at an affordable price and ready to use. Dispensaries are also known to offer a mixed blend. Combining the left over trim to give you a smorgasbord of pot.

Great for Beginners

Pre rolls are perfect for those of you just starting out. There are no special tools needed, nor any skill required to use them. Many beginners struggle with rolling joints. Small size options make trying a new strain economical. Pre rolls are great for experimenting with terpenes. Some options have CBD only and no THC. This will give the user the health and mental benefits, without the euphoric feeling of getting high.

Experienced Smokers

While pre rolled cannabis is great for inexperienced users, it is also perfect for those more experienced. Pre rolls come in multiple sizes and have multiple varieties as well. Some are rolled in keef and some have wax inside. Experienced cannabis users find the higher potency pre rolls to be the perfect solution to the high they are after.

Organically Wrapped

Majority of pre rolls sold are pre rolled into a joint cone. The cone itself has a filter, which helps the smoking tip to remain intact. Standard rolling papers tend to moisten, especially during a smoke session with more than one person. The filter tip on pre rolls does not do this. The rolling paper itself is made of organic material that tends to be easier on your lungs than a blunt wrap or paper.


With sleek packaging, and a slim design, the pre roll makes partaking in cannabis discreet. Take a walk around the block or step on the back porch, easily without needing any tools or accessories. All you need is something to light it with, and not a fancy propane torch either. A simple lighter will do the trick. It’s hard to get any more inconspicuous than that.

Pre rolled marijuana has a lot to offer any cannabis user. Try one the next time you make a trip to the dispensary, and see why they are one of the most popular ways to partake. They are typically kept at the register or under the display cabinet. Ask your bud tender about the options they have. Why not grab a couple or try a new strain. You may be pleasantly surprised at the convenience and ease.

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