The Boys Season 2: All the Latest Updates and Release Date On Amazon Prime

The Boys Season 2: All the Latest Updates and Release Date On Amazon Prime

The Boys Season 2 is an web television series, which is claimed to be the most-watched show on Amazon Prime Screening Service by the management. It is also a show that had announced its second season before the first one was even aired.

It speaks a lot about the show, its creators and its high-quality content. Boys are indeed one of the greatest shows of all time. All the eight episodes of season 1 were awe-worthy works of art that deserved to be watched and then again played on re-runs because you can never have your fill.


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What is the Show About?

Do you like superheroes?

Are you a fan of Marvel and DC?

Did you expect Superman to save you from the teacher when you forget the homework?

If all of these are true, then you would really appreciate The Boys. This is indeed a superhero show with a little twist, but one that I loved and you might as well.

The show takes you into a world, wherein the word hero is synonymous to someone who has superpowers. These superheroes are the idols for the common people. However, the superpowers that they possess are not innate.

The Evil

These, referred to as The Seven in the series, are created by a dominant company called Vought International. The company promotes, advertises and encourages them, which in turn makes the superheroes profitable for it.

The twist comes when the superheroes are not the conventional kind, they do not try to save the world like Batman, and instead, they have a nefarious streak.

The Saviours

Now, as is the case with every evil, the good guys emerge to vanquish them. These are the vigilantes, who go by The Boys. A group of five people try to contain the corrupt ways of The Seven.

Billy Butcher is their leader, and they also have a female in a group named The Boys. The feminist in me loved this bit.

So, you imagine how interesting and nerve-wracking The Boys would be.

The Tidbits of Season 2

The filming of Season 2 has concluded, being shot in Toronto, Canada in the summer of last year. So, the new season is expected to be just around the corner, the mid of 2020 would be a more accurate, but tentative date.

Although no official confirmation has been made, the star of the show Billy Butcher, played by Karl Urban, said the same on this recent Instagram post.


With the number and names of individuals episodes released, I am almost sure he is right. Like the previous season, there will be a total of 8 episodes in this one as well.

The seventh episode, with the name “Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker” written by Craig Rosenberg, seemed the most intriguing to me.

The Surprises and Shocks

The show is based on a comic series, and you would think that reading those would make the show almost too dull to watch. I felt so also, and I was wrong.

Despite its comic book adaptation, the show has too many changes that would keep you on the edge of the sofa seats and biting your nails with the trepidation of the next scene.

The second season has confirmed two new characters;

  • Stormfront, who is a super-powered neo-Nazi, is the newest member of The Seven. She was a he in the comic book series. Aya Cash, who plays this character referred to it as a Nuclear Bomb. So, an explosion is guaranteed.
  • Next one is a canine member, how cool is that? This member is a dog with the name Killer. He is the companion of Billy Butcher, much like the comic book. It would be fascinating to see a dog in the mix of superheroes.


Amazon had released a trailer of the Season 2, but it was taken off air soon after the release. The reason for the same is still not known. However, I did see a lot of bloodsheds. In a show where conflict and supernatural power are at the epicentre, can you even be surprised?

So, with almost half of May has gone, the middle of the year seems less far now. I need to watch the newest season as much as I want the pandemic to end. Do you?

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Having combated poverty and quick loans in Ireland, the writer, Joe Mathews, is garnering a big audience as a blogger at (CreditsFastCash). He decided to write this because he has a soft spot for everything related to superheroes. And The Boys touched a string with him, which made him eager to promote the show. It was also because he is an enthusiast of the show.

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