Recently the COMBAR Pro from ACLIM8 has been in the limelight with Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington who released an unboxing video of this five-in-one adventure toolkit. Like Kevin, customers also love this toolkit because of its durability, multiple capabilities, and focused ‘just  what you need’ functionality.

The COMBAR Pro was introduced to the market in 2018 by founders Udi Cohen and Yaniv Bar. Both founders are outdoor-adventure fanatics and veteran Israeli Special Forces Officers. The COMBAR was designed to be light to carry and easy to travel with. It is suitable for multiple outdoor survival and bushcraft activities. It includes a hammer, axe for wood splitting and chopping, a storage chamber, a shovel, magazine holder, knife and saw. The COMAR Pro has a long handle for better striking force as well as a custom textured grip.

The COMBAR was engineered to meet military grade standards (MIL-SPEC). Premium materials used in the production of the COMBAR include glass reinforced nylon, aircraft grade aluminium, titanium and stainless steel. The unit  is built around a patent pending safety and locking mechanism and enables rapid activation, making the COMBAR both safe and user friendly.

Many hours of research and thought have been put into the making of this tool. What interests us is that the design of the shovel has been thought out very cleverly. The founders studied history and found that in 1868 the United States army started experimenting with the Trowel Bayonet. Approximately 700 of them were distributed for experimentation in the field. The reports from the trails were extremely positive and the product really took off. Later on the heavier and larger version of the Trowel Bayonet came out and that proved to be even more efficient for digging than its predecessor in the trenches of World War 1. This is what the design of the COMBAR PRO shovel is based on – an effective spade that is great for gardening but be able to rapidly dig a trench if needed. We can only imagine that the military wished they had a tool like this in the 19th century!

The COMBAR products are magnificent and customer satisfaction speaks for itself. ACLIM8 has not had one COMBAR returned due to customer dissatisfaction or product default. This product has a lifetime warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee in the event that a customer should be dissatisfied. One of the original sharks from ABC’s Shark Tank unboxed ACLIM8’s COMBAR and this is what Kevin Harrington had to say about the product: 

“The COMBAR is one of the most innovative adventure tools in the field, which in my opinion, could not be improved.”

This functional and versatile adventure toolkit stands out from its competitors. The COMBAR is an innovative and handy system that can is highly customizable to each person’s needs. It is a crucial tool for any adventure enthusiast who loves being outdoors. 

The ACLIM8 team includes adventure experts, metallurgists, strategists, engineers and industrial and graphic designers. To learn more about this innovative company and their great products visit ACLIM8 now.