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Pharmacovigilance is focused on efficacy and safety. Its primary concern is whether a drug works and its safety. Pharmacovigilance touches on all the aspects of a drug life cycle, ranging from preclinical development to aftermarket surveillance.

Definition of Pharmacovigilance (PV)

Drug safety is another name for Pharmacovigilance, and it describes the analysis, collection, prevention, and monitoring of adverse effects in therapies and drugs. The process is process-driven and thoroughly scientific.

Definition of adverse event

An adverse event is a candidate/drug molecule that causes that reaction within the patient’s body. A profound adverse effect is life-threatening side effects that cause incapacity, hospitalization, permanent damages, or even leading to a patient’s death. An adverse event report is essential for all clinical investigators.

Pharmacovigilance helps to determine the adverse events that cross the line of the drug’s efficacy. We can also refer to this as analyzing the side effects worth risking to patients compared to how effective they can be while treating the disease. One example is that, when treating cancer, chemotherapy is known to cause very severe side effects. They are acceptable because their potential is to cure the patient. When it comes to healing a headache, and the drug caused the same side effects, the risk to the patients is considered more significant, and the benefit will not be substantial enough to prove the damage.

Major Areas of Pharmacovigilance

Pharmacovigilance is an encompassing and broad area, but for now, we shall divide it into four major sections:


At this juncture, most life professionals interested in drug safety jobs shall begin their careers. The typical jobs within the drug’s safety operations shall include drug safety, case processor, and drug safety managers, including the leadership team and their directors. The professionals will record and collect information during the pre-clinical and other clinical trials on top of gathering real-world evidence.


Those who would like to specialize in surveillance will look towards signal detection and risk management jobs. The process shall also include performing data analysis that is collated dated by the more comprehensive division. They analyze drug safety information gathered by the more comprehensive departments and review and create aggregate reports.


The systems division is much concerned with the ongoing developments of an innovative system. It is charged with responsibility for allowing access to significant quantities of safety data.

QPPV(Qualified Persons for Pharmacovigilance)

The QPPVs jobs are concerned with marketed drugs and the ones about to be authorized. They are also considered the subject matter professionals, and it is exploited and utilized across the wider business and the entire discipline.

Importance of Pharmacovigilance

Every life science company cannot operate without Pharmacovigilance. It is one of the essential functions. Developing, manufacturing, and commercializing a drug company requires more adherence to regulations. The majority of these regulations focuses on patient’s safety and other benefits associated with the patients.

Patients Safety

Drug safety always ensures that the patient’s safety and well-being are protected through the entire drug development process until it is readily available in the markets. The monitoring helps to continuously monitor the drugs for other related side effects on the patients and any other form of new data that has been collected. They also report the findings to the health experts and authorities regularly.

Power and Authority

This form of vigilance means that besides others in the sector, the senior managers in the drug’s safety teams shall have the mandate to recommend and ensure that the development process has been stopped. The QPPVs are essential when it comes to this process.

Keeping the Drugs Sector Moving

The drug’s safety shall help to keep the pharmaceutical wheels moving. The drug’s safety nature shall mean that it shall work on a cross-functional basis. Therefore, the division’s real influence and value add to the other business aspects are quite remarkable.