The most popular electric impact wrenches in 2021

If you want to change your tires, use your practical electric impact wrench . This loosens even extremely tight wheel nuts in next to no time. High-quality models with or without cables are also available for do-it-yourself work. The best impact wrenches from the current tests are characterized by high torque and an equally high idle speed.

The test shows that in addition to performance, ease of use is important. Depending on the applications for which you need the tool, a cordless impact wrench can be the right choice. 

However, it must be pointed out here that the battery drains quite quickly on most devices. In comparison, however, the electric impact wrench with a power cable offers significantly more power. Therefore, it is difficult for these devices to keep up with the electric impact wrenches. Drive, torque and work result always depend on the battery capacity. For this you need a power connection for the 230 volt impact wrench.

In addition to electric and cordless impact wrenches, there are also pneumatic impact wrenches on the market. A compressor is required for the extremely resilient and powerful compressed air devices.

In comparison, the electric impact wrenches are less powerful. To do this, they can be conveniently operated via a socket or the 12-volt connection in the car . With these pneumatic impact wrenches, the idle speed is sometimes 7,500 revolutions per minute. In comparison, the electric models achieved a maximum of 4,000 revolutions in the test .

How do I recognize good electric impact wrenches?

Which is the best electric impact wrench for you depends on your screw driving projects and your requirements for ease of use. The test winners convince with a good ratio of weight and performance. You should also take a look at other criteria, such as the cable length. In general, these tools come with a screw socket and a tool case . This protects the important parts from dust and makes it easier for you to keep things tidy.

Voltage: 12 V or 230 V.

Small cordless impact wrenches usually have a voltage of 12 volts. These are motor vehicle impact wrenches that you can use in your own garage as well as on the go. However, for extensive home improvement projects, you will need a more powerful electric impact wrench. These typically work with a voltage of 230 volts . You can use it to do difficult work yourself and, for example, set up scaffolding.

Torque: The impact force is decisive for the solution of particularly tight screws

Torque is an important performance characteristic for impact drivers and drills. It is measured in Newton meters (Nm). The impact wrench should have a torque of 400 to 500 Nm for the screws on the car tire . For DIY work, 100 or 200 Nm can be enough. The best electric impact wrenches in the test work with 800 Nm and more.

Almost every impact wrench now has an adjustable torque . With this torque pres election, flexible and safe use is possible. All you have to do is set it precisely and you will get ideal power transmission. This will prevent a screw from breaking. To loosen the screws, it makes sense to set a high torque.

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