The Secret Engagement of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck 

The Secret Engagement of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck 

Jennifer Garner is an American actress, activist, and entrepreneur. She is born on 17 April 1972.

Pearl Harbor support her role in 2001.

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck 

Garner gained recognition for her role as CIA officer Sidney Bristow in 2001-2006. ABC spy-action thriller television conduct this series.

For her work in the series, she has won one Golden Globe Award and won Screen Actors Guild Award, and received four Primetime Emmy Award nominations.



Ben Affleck already engages with Jennifer Garner but…..

When they are keeping it a secret because Jennifer Garner will be upset.

The 47-year-old actress reportedly proposed to his girlfriend with a glittering ruby ​​engagement ring.

“Ben was initially planning to propose to Jennifer Garner on her birthday, April 30,” it was alleged to Star Magazine as a friend of the couple.

“Ben Afleck have  very very excitement to propose, Therefore, he show its during a romantic dinner at night in his place and of course he said yes!”. It’s show, How Romantic is”.

Ring of Ben Affleck’s rumored proposal to Jennifer.

Tipster further claims that Jennifer Garner’s ex-husband. Picked up a ring with a 200,000 price tag and it’s only temporary.

The ring is something that Jennifer Garner can wear after they go out.

The paper also cites the jewelry expert to ensure that what the informant is wearing is an engagement ring and increases the credibility of the report.

It was said that the ruby ​​ring is definitely for engagement because the stone represents love and passion. Experts further added that this type of stone is very “suitable” for betrothal so there is no other explanation for it.

The engagement claim is debunking

However, the source added that Ben Affleck is keeping his engagement secret because he is sure that Jennifer Garner would not like the idea.

He believes his ex-wife and peppermint actress will go to Hawaii and will probably be so upset because he is “thinking with his head, not his own.”

Gossip Cop was ready for the investigation and found many loopholes in the report. There is not any Proposal in this report.

This is clearly an important detail that should have been included in the report yet Star failed to provide this piece of information.

It is true that Jennifer has a ruby ​​ring with diamonds. She shoots this Ring wearing a dress many times.

However, the actress already met with the jewelers in early February. After that, the GossipCop report publish. But there was no way the bond could involve in the early part of their relationship.

The fact-checking site concluded that the engagement report of Ben Affleck and Anna de Armas was completely false. This means that Jennifer Garner has no reason to suppress in any way.

Ben Affleck talks about his desire for a healthy relationship.

In an empty interview with Good Morning America, Affleck spoke at great risk about his journey toward peace, this time he cited to support co-star friends Bradley Cooper and Robert Downey Jr.

Asked where he sees himself in five years, his reaction is thought-provoking.

“Ben Affleck is calm and very happy and watches his kids three and also a half days a week from 5 years ago. And he has made three or four films that are interesting to him,” he responded.

Next, he also directs two films that he is proud of in hope and in a healthy, stable, loving, committed relationship.

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