A move can offer incredible new opportunities. People move for many reasons including starting a new job, furthering their education and being closer to family and friends. For many people, the question is where to move. These states offer everything from lower housing costs to access to gorgeous natural amenities.


Beautiful Washington state is one place that offers so much to so many. From the thriving city of Seattle to the shores of the Pacific Ocean, Washington state is one place to put down roots. This is an educated state. Most residents have at least a high school diploma. Many have a college degree. That offers residents a great chance to start a business. They know they can easily find employees with the skills they want to expand. It’s also a state that allows for easy access to Canada and serves as the gateway to American Asian trade.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire is another state that is attracting a lot of attention. With a low crime rate and easy access to many other parts of New England, it’s a nature home base for all those who want to make their home along the eastern seaboard. They’ll find a state with plenty of places to explore. There are marvelous lakes that offer lots of chances to enjoy the outdoors all year long. There’s also an excellent school system that has a high high school graduate rate. With some of the best colleges and schools in the country, New Hampshire is a winner.


Minnesota is one of those states that so many people find ideal. From big cities like Minneapolis to miles of pristine wilderness, Minnesota is a good place for people in search of varied terrain. The state is noteworthy for many things including a high standard of living. Per capita income here is among the highest in the nation while housing and other costs are relatively low. This is a state that draws people from different economic backgrounds. The world famous Mayo Clinic provides health opportunities galore while industries like high tech and education are flourishing.


One of the fastest growing states by population, Utah makes a fabulous place for people who are just starting out. Housing costs are some of the lowest in the entire nation. New yet affordable construction makes it easy to have the dream home you’ve always wanted. The state is an inviting one for those who are looking for time outdoors. The Rocky Mountains offer endless chances to be in the sunshine in the summer or hit the slopes and go skiing. Utah is also a place with lots of small towns, making it easy to create the community life so many people love.


Nearby Colorado is similar to Utah in so many ways. Yet Colorado is an equally special place. This is an ideal state for people who are looking for an education. The state’s university system has many branches and lots of majors. There’s also a thriving military base where people can find a career and family housing. Colorado is the state with the highest average elevation. That means a pleasing climate with fresh air and no mosquitoes to bite when the weather turns warmer. As one of the nation’s largest states by area, there’s also plenty of room to spread out.

New Jersey

New Jersey offers so many things to so many different people in 2020. It’s within easy commuting distance of both New York City and Philadelphia. The city’s famous shore stretches for miles and allows for safe family fun. With an average income well above the national average, it’s a state where educational and economic success are highly valued. The state also has a well developed highway system as well as many forms of public transit and a major airport. That makes it easy to get around both locally and to other parts of the globe.