Many stores may not deliver to you the right quality of CBD. Even seasoned buyers aren’t immune from unsafe or low-quality CBD. The good thing is there are many online CBD stores and finding CBD takes a quick online search.

Finding the right CBD for your needs at online stores requires knowing what to do. Here are mistakes to avoid when buying CBD online.

1. Not Considering Transparency

Cannabis contains over 400 different cannabinoids and terpenes. It has attracted the attention of medical researchers and therapists. CBD contains several beneficial properties.

The problem is there isn’t enough scientific evidence to support every claim. The Food and Drug Administration has so far only approved CBD for epilepsy. This leaves room for misleading advertisements.

You need to take a step back whenever an online CBD store seems to overstate the benefits of CBD. Make it a point to scrutinize a store when buying CBD online.

Check if the online CBD store’s focus leans a lot on benefits instead of being transparent with you. A great sign of transparency is a disclaimer about CBD’s FDA evaluation and its health impact.

2. Not Looking at Ingredients

People use CBD in different styles and for varying reasons. So, manufacturers are coming up with unique recipes to cater to every audience.

CBD itself is versatile and comes in the forms of distinct potencies. There’s the full spectrum that contains all components including THC, the psychoactive ingredient. This is the mind-altering component that can also cause various intoxicating side effects.

The broad spectrum can be as potent as the full spectrum but it doesn’t contain THC. It has all the rest of the desired hemp plant properties. A perfect example of this is the Wyld CBD gummies.

There’s also CBD isolate which can have a weaker effect on many users. If you don’t read product descriptions when buying CBD online, you may order the wrong product. Apart from CBD types, go through the ingredients.

Seek clarification if there’s an ingredient that is unfamiliar to you. More importantly, confirm if all the ingredients are natural.

3. Buying Without Comparing CBD Oil Costs

CBD oil price varies depending on brand names, quality, origin, ingredients, and potency. The problem with buying CBD online is telling which price is fair or reasonable. Buying from a premium brand doesn’t always mean getting a high-quality product.

There are many affordable CBD products or brands that sell on value. Comparing CBD oil costs from various stores is a great way to find affordable deals. According to, the average cost of CBD oil often falls between $0.05 to $0.20 mg of CBD.

You should look out for buying anything below $0.05 because you might be buying low quality. Legit CBD may seem pricey but you need to consider the “why”. Credible CBD online stores take their products through rigorous checks and third-party testing. This and the factors mentioned above may fluctuate its price.

4. Not Checking Hemp Source

One of the worst mistakes you can make when buying CBD online is not checking the hemp’s source. CBD oil may contain hazardous chemicals and toxic ingredients.

Hemp absorbs soil components more than it can remove. It’s effective in absorbing heavy metals, mold and fungus, pesticides, and herbicides. Unfortunately, it’s unable to expel these substances through transpiration or excretion.

Some farmers may use herbicides or pesticides when growing hemp. Most soils are generally contaminated by industrial waste or sedimentation. Most CBD experts recommend buying CBD sourced from USA farms.

Since the passing of the Farm Bill 2018, the US has instituted high hemp growing safety standards. Farmers are also not under extreme bi-lawsn which results in natural farming practices.

5. Assuming All CBD Oils Are the Same

CBD oils can come from hemp or cannabis plants. But the benefits of CBD are constant regardless of the source plant. CBD’s chemical composition is the same whether it comes from hemp or cannabis.

Always be cautious about THC levels when buying cannabis-derived CBD online. Hemp CBD is legal across many US states since the Farm Bill 2018. Hemp CBD usually meets the legally accepted 0.3% THC level, unlike most cannabis CBD products.

CBD oils also vary based on purpose. Manufacturers may add herbs or supplements to meet their customer’s preferences. For instance, CBD for sleep may contain myrcene for muscle relaxation. Flavors may vary from mint, mango, ginger and more.

Also, take into account the extraction processes used. Most CBD products contain unsafe concentrates because of chemical extraction processes. You’re safer buying CBD online from stores that commit to keep their products natural.

6. Buying Without Knowledge of Proper CBD Dosage

CBD can be THC-free but it doesn’t mean you consume it without caution. You might tolerate it and think you need to level up your dosage. But CBD can cause side effects.

CBD can cause dry mouth, fatigue, drowsiness, diarrhea and reduced appetite. CBD can also interact with prescribed medicines like blood thinners. It’s best to consult your physician before consuming CBD, especially when on medication.

With CBD unregulated, the dosage on your pack can be misleading. A study analyzing thirty-one CBD companies found 84 products had misleading THC and CBD levels.

7. Lacking Discernment With Online CBD Stores Reviews

Some online CBD stores might not be honest about their product. Their product descriptions might exaggerate the benefits of CBD. Also, they may post positive reviews only.

Neutral review sites like Trustpilot can provide a more accurate picture of an online CBD store. Dissatisfied and satisfied CBD customers prefer sharing their brand experiences on review sites. Look at the average rating as well as several reviews from different people.

The mistake you can make is basing your judgment on a few reviews. Some people can make up their minds after reading one or two reviews. Exhaust all reviews to see which ones between positive and negative seem genuine.

Avoid Common Mistakes When Buying CBD Oil Online

Buying the right or legit CBD oil will save you a lot of money and frustration. You don’t want to risk your health with contaminated CBD products. You also want value for your money.

Stay safe by avoiding the mistakes of buying CBD oil online. Buy your CBD oil from a store that values your health and wellness. For more information on CBD and related topics, check out our blog.

By Mirha

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