As fall creeps in and the trees drop their leaves, we must think about home improvement projects that will keep our properties safe. With the weather cooling off and vacations done, there is to take a look at your house and find weaknesses that ought to be mended as soon as possible.

Over the summer, nature has taken its toll on your home. Animals, plants, and pests might have slipped into the picture, damaging your roof or foundation; pests could be crawling in your lawn. Here are projects you can do in the fall to protect your space.

1- Call An Exterminator

The summer months are a time for pests to thrive; they look for cool places in which to hide and build their nests. If you are not an expert with handling insects, don’t try to get rid of them yourself. Invest in an exterminator; they are professionals at handling pests. They’ll remove unwanted beehives and anthills that you didn’t notice until the heat let off.

Make sure to let the exterminator look inside your house, too; pests will build their nests in unexpected places.

2- Care For Your Lawn

Your lawn might have dried up during the hottest weeks of summer. If your lawn is struggling, fall is the best time to plant grass seeds, preparing it for the following year. You’ll be able to carry this out more comfortably without the hot sun bearing down on you, causing a dangerous sunburn on your skin.

Maybe you’re not an expert on lawn care; if this is the case, you can also call experts to do the work for you. It will be worth the investment when you have a green yard next year when spring comes.

3- Clean Your Gutters

Leaves from the trees will have fallen into your gutters over the summer, and there’s a chance that they will clog when autumn rains set in. A clogged gutter can be hazardous for your roof, creating leaks that will damage your house when the deluge comes. Most people don’t think that their gutters can cause such trouble until it’s too late.

If you’ve never done it before, choose the safer option and hire an expert to clean your gutters. The roof is dangerous if you’re afraid of heights or inexperienced with managing them.

4- Repair Your Roof

Speaking of your roof, fall is the best time to check for repairs that need to be made. If a shingle is missing, it should be replaced before the winter months kick in and snow makes such work dangerous. Like a clogged gutter, a missing shingle can result in a leak that will damage your home.

There might also be pests living in your roof; check for them in the crevices, and cut down branches that would make your roof accessible to unwanted visitors such as squirrels.

5- Clean Your Swimming Pool

If you own a swimming pool, fall is the time to drain it and cover it up for the cold season. Protect it from animals that might nest. It is also useful to keep leaves from building up in the pool as the surrounding trees lose their leaves.

6- Patch Up Your Fence

Raccoons and other pests looking for a warm place to hide might slip through a hole in your fence and find a home in your backyard. They’ll bring problems next year, so be sure to patch up that fence!


Fall is a time to settle down and prepare for the sleepy months. It’s important that your home is ready for this abrupt change in the climate. Don’t neglect these precautions; they will protect your property from disaster or nuisance and help you enjoy the summer next year.