Vaping has grown in popularity in just a short period. It is now considered a norm to find many people vaping in most places. Vaping was first introduced as a safe alternative to smoking. In a way, it has been crucial in helping many quit smoking for good. What made vaping successful is the provision of nicotine without the many toxic chemicals found in cigarettes. Vaping has been changing as many people get to know more about it. In recent years, several new ideas have been brought forth. A good example is vaping caffeine. The vaping devices are what have made many companies and people come up with new things to vape.

Vaping is not limited to nicotine but has expanded to other substances. If you are keen on news and trends about vaping, you might probably come across people vaping vitamins. Many people have come forward and endorsed the idea of vaping your vitamins. It is incredible what vaping technology has created. Who knew that through your electronic hookah pen, you can get your vitamins?

Vaping is still new to some people, and vaping vitamins is alarming to some members of the public. Many have raised genuine safety concerns and asked if it is necessary.

So, What is the Reason?

You Might be wondering, like many other people, what was the reason behind the idea of vaping vitamins. To many people, vitamins should only be consumed normally. The theory behind the introduction of e-juices that contain vitamins comes from studies conducted in the ‘60s. The studies show that some forms of vitamin can be inhaled instead of consuming them. To be specific, vitamin B12 can be inhaled and go straight into the bloodstream. The given vitamin is essential for overall wellbeing.

Since it is present in animal products like meat, milk, and eggs, not everybody can get them. The idea of vaping vitamin B12 has been seen as a good way for vegans to get the much-needed vitamin.

Those that do not wish to consume the vitamin orally can now vape it. Vegans are not the only ones who will benefit. Those that lack a specific protein that is needed to absorb vitamin B12 can now get the vitamin by inhaling it. The most common symptom that you may be lacking vitamin B12 in your body is feeling fatigued. Many people are concerned and are poking holes in the theory. This is because our bodies were not meant to inhale vitamins, rather consume them orally, but this does not mean that it will not work.

Is It Safe?

We are all concerned about our wellbeing when doing something new, and the same concern applies to vape vitamins. The same scenario of how safe vaping nicotine is applied to vape vitamins. Though vaping nicotine is safe compared to smoking cigarettes, it is not harmless. Even if you are inhaling vapor and vitamins that are practically harmless when eaten, they might be not safe when inhaled.


If you need to vape vitamins, you should consider seeking advice from your doctor on what to do. Since it is new, more is still to be known about how safe it is. There is a high chance that you are getting all the vitamins you need through your diet, and vaping vitamins may not be necessary for you.

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