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Buying a car is very exciting. Also, everyone would love to drive a reliable vehicle that lasts longer and will not break periodically. But what if your new car problems force you to go back to the dealer over and over again. The chances are that you have purchased a lemon car. It may, therefore, not be easier to get your money back. It comes a time when you may need to send your car back after you have noted it’s a lemon. You need to be prepared.

This article will give answers to some of the most burning questions about lemon laws and lemon cars. It will guide you through managing various situations if you are buying a lemon car.

Chances of Buying a Lemon

Out of the vehicles manufactured each year, only 1% during the half of 2020 became lemons. Therefore, the chances of buying a lemon are not high. Consequently, it is important not to drop your guard when looking for a new car.

When is a Car Considered a Lemon?

According to state laws, a lemon car.

1. Must have some substantial defects covered by a warranty occurring within a certain period or number of miles after the car has been bought, and

2. It must not be fixed after reasonable attempts to repair the car. Mostly, the lemon law shall apply to new vehicles.

For anyone to benefit from the lemon laws, the defect must happen within the first or the second years after purchasing the car. It should also occur within 12,000-24,000 miles. If any form of abuse has not contributed fault to the vehicle, all the conditions, as mentioned above, shall apply to all states when trying to qualify the car as a lemon.

How You Can Avoid Buying a Lemon Car

Never Judge a Car By Its Looks

A car exterior says nothing about the engine. It is essential to dig deeper, explore more, and discover the car’s actual value beyond the cover. Those who intend to buy a vehicle online consider exploring the bestselling sites with a good reputation.

Test Drive

Before signing the agreement, it is essential to test drive the care. Some lemons will do fine for some time and shall later reveal their identity.


Research about the car like you mean it. After you are satisfied, proceed to buy the vehicle but consider checking out anything you need to know about the vehicle before buying it. Consider checking the dealer’s price, quality control ratings, and also other customer’s reviews.

Car History

If the car you are about to buy has been in use for a while, consider checking the car history. Some sites should show you about anything that has happened to your car in recent years.

What Should You Do When You Realize That You Purchased a Lemon?

Purchasing a lemon is unavoidable to matter how much you avoid it. You can even drive a lemon for hundreds of miles without understanding the magnitude of the issues. The process is tedious.

Consider Checking Your State Lemon Laws

When you finally have evidence that your car is a lemon, consider turning to the federal and state laws for help. It is, therefore, important to know that not all the lemon laws are the same. The regulations shall depend on the state you come from. The lemon statutes shall give an excellent guide for each state.

Seeking legal Advice

Seeking a lawyer to represent, you shall depend on the state. Some states can file an own complaint while you are required to hire a lawyer for yourself while in other states. Just make sure that the attorney you hire is trustworthy and experienced.

Start to Build Your Case as Early as Possible

If you notice that the car you bought is a lemon, consider building the case. Make sure to keep all the auto receipts and record every service or repair done to your vehicle. Also, make sure to let your dealer know about the problems with the car.

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