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If you’ve stumbled across this article, the first thing you need to know is that you aren’t alone.  That’s right; millions of women are experiencing vaginal dryness (there, we said it) and are just too uncomfortable (both physically and mentally) to say it out loud.  We think that should change.  Vaginal discomfort due to hormonal changes associated with perimenopause and menopause are a real issue for us, and we deserve to have this issue addressed.  It’s an intimate matter, and we need real solutions that work fast and can help us feel “normal” again.  So let’s start a conversation; what causes vaginal dryness, and can we do anything about it?  Read on. 

What Causes Vaginal Dryness

There are a myriad of reasons you can experience vaginal dryness at any point in your life.  In fact, experiencing it from time to time is natural, albeit slightly inconvenient.  Here are some reasons why you might experience vaginal dryness on occasion. 

  •         Medications or medication changes
  •         Monthly hormone changes (rises and falls of your estrogen levels)
  •         Dietary changes, or changes to exercise routines

These can all cause the vagina to become dry, irritated, and itchy.  Basically, your girl is mad, and when she’s mad, you aren’t happy.  While these short term periods of irritation usually go away without medical attention, chronic dryness and irritation can be incredibly uncomfortable, inconvenient, and downright debilitating if left untreated.

Menopause (the frame of time that begins after you stop having your period) and perimenopause (the period of time prior to menopause when your body begins to experience less estrogen production) can both be major sources of vaginal dryness.   In fact, it’s one of the chief complaints of menopausal and premenopausal women.  Because the body is producing less estrogen, the skin of the vagina becomes thinner and drier. 

If that sounds like a bum deal for having lived a couple of decades and possibly birthed a few children, we agree.  Thankfully, there’s a way to get relief and provide crucial moisture to the vagina to keep you comfortable and make menopause a much more tolerable experience. 

Why Moisturizing Matters

Just because you’re walking into (or setting up shop in) Menopause Mansion doesn’t mean you can’t repaint the walls or change the drapes.  Take action, honey, or you’re going to loathe the next decade or so of your life.  Moisturizing your vagina is a thing, and it’s a thing you should do on a regular basis.  If you’re timid or think you’ll need a prescription, don’t worry.  You can treat your menopausal vaginal dryness at home without seeing a doctor or even attempting to discreetly purchase a lotion for vagina dryness in a store.  Here are just a few reasons why moisturizing matters, and how you can do it at home. 

  •         Most of us are dehydrated.  We aren’t talking just the vajay; overall most of us don’t drink enough water.  This can lead to dehydration.  Incidentally, our skin (including the skin of our vagina) gets moisture last.  Supplementing with a lotion for vagina dryness can ensure that even when we are dehydrated, we don’t experience discomfort. You do it for your face and body, why not do it for your vagina?
  •         Intercourse made easier.  It’s no secret, vaginal dryness isn’t compatible with great sex, and if there’s one thing we aren’t settling for it’s dry, uncomfortable sexual experiences.  Using a vaginal moisturizer can not only provide immediate relief for dryness, using it over time can help the skin of your vagina better regulate your natural moisture levels and reduce and/or eliminate dryness for good. 
  •         Itchy vaginas are not in style.  In case you were wondering, digging at your nether regions all day isn’t cute and not widely socially accepted.  FYI, the complaints of itchiness usually involve the labia inner half inch of the vaginal opening.  You can eliminate the urge to itch by using a lotion for vagina dryness that hydrates the vaginal skin and takes the itch away. 
  •         Dry vaginal skin is easily damaged.  We don’t know about you, but the thought of injuring our delicate flower’s skin is not cool.  When the vaginal skin is dry, everyday activities like wiping and washing can tear the fragile skin.  If you think the dryness is bad, just wait until you’ve experienced vaginal skin cuts and tears.  Do yourself a favor and moisturize with a lubricating vaginal lotion and eliminate the risk of vaginal skin damage. 

Menopause life is wrought with new experiences, but despite what you’ve heard they don’t have to be unpleasant.  You can sail through menopause without having to tolerate common symptoms, like vaginal dryness, irritation and itchiness, simply by using a quality vaginal lotion to keep the delicate skin around your vagina properly lubricated and hydrated.  Don’t settle into acceptance with dry vaginal skin.  Appreciate the importance of vaginal moisturizing and invest in a lotion for vagina irritation to keep you comfortable during the big change.  to keep the delicate skin around your vagina properly lubricated a

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