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For many of us, our hair is one of the most important parts of our identity.

We continually spend money going to get it styled and care what color, shape and texture it is. There are magazines designated to hair-looks only to inspire you and shampoos, conditioners, gels, oils and sprays to give you the hair that you want.

But there is a lot more to it than just choosing a hair product and using it. It is important to understand what the ingredients are, what any risks may be, and how it will react with your specific hair.

Because much like the rest of our body, our head of hair is unique to just us—no one else has any quite like it. So the hair products you use need to be tailored for your hair specifically!

The best hair products understand this and created their products to use natural ingredients that personalize your hair care.

But for those that aren’t yet fully convinced, here are the top reasons why you should care what you put in your hair.

  1. Chemicals are bad—for you and the planet

There are plenty of hair products that use chemicals in their ingredients that are okay to use. But they aren’t the best to use when you compare it to hair products that offer natural ingredients, are free of GMOs, paraben, and sulfate, and not tested on animals. Just because a hair product works for your head of hair does not mean that it is good for the planet or your overall health. It is always best to choose a chemical-free option where possible!

  1. Cleansing your scalp is important

In order to have silky and beautiful locks, you need to have a healthy head of skin! That means that your hair products need to be designed to get rid of dandruff and soothe irritated skin on your scalp. It really all does come down to balance, as not only do you want to cleanse your skin of the bad stuff, but you also want to ensure that those natural oils stay put on your scalp too.

  1. Moisturize, but not too much

What you put on your head of hair should be designed to provide a natural boost of moisture. But too much moisture can lead to clogged pores, moisture build-up on your scalp, and thick strands that don’t style very well. So take note about how much moisturizer your hair products are giving your head of hair.

4.Your hair deserves treatments

There is your daily hair routine and then there are the monthly treatments that you need to factor in to keep your hair strong. There is a range of treatments that are designed to balance out what you put on your hair every day, such as protein treatments to prevent dead-ends and hair masks to zap out all the bad stuff and replace them with healthy nutrients.

  1. The order matters too

Not only does what you put on your hair matter, but the order in which you do matters too—if not more so! This is because each hair product is designed to balance out in a certain way to provide true benefits. The recommended order is shampoo, condition, mouse, and serum for any person, but the actual needs for your individual hair will evolve over time. So while you should not adapt the order, you should adapt your individual needs in terms of hair products.

What we put on our hair is so important because it allows us to attain the type of hair that gives us confidence. When we have confidence, we feel better about ourselves—and that’s all we want for anyone!