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Wellness programs are an excellent way for businesses to show their dedication to their employees’ well-being. Some companies prefer to offer a simple wellness guide to help their employees. These measures might have been a viable way to promote employee wellness in the past, but today’s workers need a lot more. Without a comprehensive wellness program, businesses may lose their employees because of pressure from competitors who offer an application of this type. Aside from retaining employees, a wellness program grants companies several competitive benefits.

1. Higher Productivity

Employees that aren’t healthy lose more productivity hours to illness. Entrepreneur cites a study that ascertained 66% of companies that implemented a wellness program saw increased employee productivity after it came on stream. Higher productivity also ties into lower absenteeism. Workers that are sick can’t function, and as a result, the business suffers. With the company paying for their wellness, employees can give their all and not worry about losing work time to visit a doctor. Prevention is usually better than cure.

2. Increased Morale

Healthy employees are happy employees, and they are an excellent motivator for people who want to hire on with the company. Higher morale translates to more loyalty to the company, better work performance, and a higher level of personal responsibility. Confidence also helps to build office culture and camaraderie. Once employees realize that their higher-ups genuinely care about their well-being, they will adopt a positive outlook that will make your business attractive to new hires. The increased morale also means that you’ll be a sought-after employer for all the most talented individuals in your field.

3. Better Teamwork

Wellness programs stem from a company’s approach to the workforce, but they also directly impact the employees’ attitudes. The NYU Dispatch mentions that teamwork is essential for businesses that want to achieve complex goals. By creating team-building exercises around the wellness program, a company can encourage better collaboration among individuals. Even something as simple as having a gym on the company’s grounds can help employees from different departments interact and connect in ways they would never have during regular work hours.

4. Fewer Absences

As noted above, in companies that have wellness programs, there is a distinct lack of absences when compared with other companies. This positive stems from the fact that employees that take care of their well-being tend to get sick less often. With a secure method of keeping themselves fit and a convenient location to do so, employees can prevent some of the most common problems they may encounter as they get older.

An Overall Benefit

Wellness programs are not difficult to set up and keep running. Most businesses see it as an investment in their employees, and they’re right. Perks like a wellness program aren’t the norm in many industries, and offering one to your employees might give your company the edge when a competitor is trying to lure them away. If you want to invest in your employees, a wellness program is one of the most positive ways for businesses to help their employees achieve their potential.

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